Where will you be in 6 months?

Six months ago, I was a lonely little biz babe.

I was meeting so many gorgeous business ladies at the Fusion Biz Babe events I was hosting.  But it was hard to form the deep connections that become REAL friendships, because I wouldn’t see them at an event again sometimes for another few months.

I was craving a tribe that I could turn to when I was having a tough week, and trust in them to lift me up.  I wanted to build an intimate community with a sense of belonging so that we could all grow alongside each other – personally and in business.

Fast forward six months and my life is completely different.

I am getting ready to leave my day job in a few short months in October.  Giving my notice was the most exciting thing!  I have been working towards this day (leaving corporate) for almost 5 years now!

What is my secret?  Pretty simple really…

I found my tribe!  It really is true that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

These ladies have inspired me and pushed me to do better every single day.  And with that, comes massive results.

I have a tribe that truly “get” me, and that have the entrepreneurial spirit to want to be more, do more, have more.  Ladies on call to attend cool biz events around Perth with – we never have to fly solo and walk into an event alone again.

In March 2017 I launched The BizBabe Lounge with 50 founding members joining me for the ride, and overnight, just like that, I had found my people.

We have the best time in The BizBabe Lounge facebook group – lifting each other up, sharing wins, getting help for challenges, sharing our thoughts & key takeaways from the Interviews and Masterclasses.

Our catch ups are hilarious, sometimes our jokes a little inappropriate, but always with a sense of friendly banter of course – definitely not your usual stale networking events where you have awkward small talk and get a million biz cards thrown at you! #ugh


There have been some wicked collabs within the members, and lots of genuine business being done because we want to, and visits between biz babes at weekend market stalls.  You’re never alone when you’re a Fusion Biz Babe!


You can check out all the incredible founding Biz Babe members right here.
Want to try out The #BizBabe Lounge?   You can check it out CLICK HERE!


Where are you going to be in 6 months?  The time is now, make your move and never feel isolated on this entrepreneurial adventure ever again! Come join The Lounge get an instant biz babe family.