This ONE Simple Tip Helped Me with Branding, Copywriting AND Social Media

I have to share this story with you as it completely changed the way I approach branding, copywriting AND social media!

Anna, had just turned 27, when she finally was able to make the leap from her soul sucking 9 to 5 job in Perth CBD, to full time biz babe on her graphic design consultancy business.

It had been a long road to freedom, stuck in a stuffy cubicle for 8-10 hours a day, having to suffer through the 1 hour train + bus commute each morning and night, by the time she got home she was always exhausted.

Now Anna spends her days meeting clients for consultations in bright + airy Perth cafés – sipping on coffee and chatting about visions for their new website. She gets to choose when to work on her business whenever suits her best – which is generally later at night! The 9-5 would never have allowed that flexibility.

 Anna is confident in her abilities to deliver amazing work for her clients as she has worked hard to get where she is today – she gained her qualifications through highly regarded institutions, built up her portfolio in a range of different industries, learnt how to effectively market her business & attract the right clients, and continuously seeks out ways to improve her business and life through ongoing education & personal development. 

She has never felt happier in her professional life, she is finally bringing her dreams to life and no longer settling for the status quo.  But there is one thing missing…  Anna has drifted from her friend group as they don’t really have the same aspirations as her – and if she admits it, she is kind of lonely. 

Her family & friends don’t understand her entrepreneurial side, and they stopped asking about the business long ago. She doesn’t have anyone that she can talk to about her business ups & downs, and challenges. Her husband is really supportive but not business minded at all so can’t really help in that department – and her dog, Oscar, is great company but forget about talking marketing strategies or website layout with him!  

If only she could find a ready-made group of friends who truly understand her day-to-day challenges, and celebrate her wins as if they were their own. The kind of friends that you never run out of conversation with, because your interests are so aligned.  New friends and business connections to help make her success that little bit more magical…

Anna is a made-up person. Anna is the customer avatar for Fusion Biz Babes. She is the type of person I most want to attract to Fusion events and the Biz Babe Membership, because I know that she truly understands the value of surrounding herself with other entrepreneurs & mentors, and continuous up-skilling to help her push the limit and be a better version of herself every single day.


It helps me to keep “Anna” in mind when forming my social media posts; choosing guest speakers for Fusion events; and writing blog posts because all I have to do is think – would Anna want to hear this? Would she be inspired by this photo I am about to share on Instagram? Could this speaker help Anna solve a specific problem I know she is struggling with right now?


The people I most want to attract to Fusion Events have a similar story to Anna, they can relate, therefore my writing feels like I am speaking directly to them.


So by forming your avatar’s story, and conducting your everyday business tasks with this “person” in mind, you automatically attract the right customers who are ready to buy, and repel those people who are all wrong for your business. Don’t be afraid of this… Remember to find your perfect customers, you can’t be afraid to deter those that aren’t right for your business.


Here are some questions you can ask that help form your customer avatar. The more specific answers the better!


  1. Is your customer avatar male or female?
  2. What is their name?
  3. What is their age?
  4. Marital status?
  5. Any children or pets?
  6. Where do they live?
  7. What is their current working situation, including job title and business name
  8. Average annual income
  9. What are their deep desires that really light them up?
  10. What worries them and keeps them up at night?
  11. Favourite books/magazines/blogs/idols
  12. What are their top values (hint: these should align strongly with your brand values – for example: Fusion Biz Babes values are freedom, connection and growth.

Have you done this exercise for your business before?  I would love to hear your customer avatar’s story. Please leave a comment below and let me know!

Ash x

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