The Fusion Journey // pivots + all

When you first started your biz, was your WHY or HOW different to what it is today?

MINE IS! 🙋🏻‍♀️…and I’m totally ok with that…

Because it has got me where I am today – 311% growth in my biz this year alone; and allowed me to QUIT my day J.O.B and live a wicked life.

I’m not shy in talking about how many times my business has pivoted, to get where it is today:

👉🏻 From launching a “friendship network” for Perth women looking to make friends (May 2012)
👉🏻 To hosting small intimate networking dinners for biz women to really connect (Feb 2016)
👉🏻 To launching an education membership platform to help women in biz (March 2017)
👉🏻 To pivoting that educational membership, to what Fusion is today… a welcoming business community where friendships and real connection come FIRST

I believe in some way, our businesses are a reflection of what we want to see in the world…

💞 We start something to help others through a certain challenge in life that we have been through, and come out the other side stronger
💞 We’re inspired to develop a product because we see a gap in the market, where a problem wasn’t being sufficiently resolved
💞 We go into business because we have a killer skillset, combined with a desire to HELP and provide epic customer service

Initially, my WHY for starting Fusion was simply to meet new people, and expand my friendship network in Perth.

That was when I was at the whipper snapper age of 24…

Now TODAY, 7 years later, as I am staring straight down the barrel of 31 🤫😳… of course my values, motives and WHY have changed.

I still value real human connection over all else, but now as I have matured, I place massive value on growth, freedom and authenticity.

That.. combined with having hundreds of individual conversations with people I consider to be my “ideal” member… and really listening to their why’s, and understanding their deep desires and challenges – has allowed me to create something special that has attracted 121 of my ideal members (check them out here) that want to actually PAY to be a part of the Fusion community.

FINALLY, after 7 years of continuous research, morphing, rebranding, conversations, late nights, pivoting, business coaches, coffee/wine dates… I have a proven business model that is bringing in enough income to support me financially 🙏🏻

And NOW it is my #1 priority to protect the essence of the membership, and to ensure the current members’ experience remains one of authenticity, support, and friendships before business cards.

To do that, I feel I need to control the growth of the membership, which means… the time has come to increase the price, so I can ensure the current family-like vibe of the community remains, and we continue to attract the right people.

I back this decision 100% and am excited for where this exciting new “pivot” will take Fusion… watch this space… 😉

Ash x