Meet our 2023 Sponsors

Em Gee

Marketing & Mindset Coach

Em Gee is The Unstoppable Marketing & Mindset Coach for women in business. Also known as Mrs Unstoppable, she teaches and embodies ‘unstoppability’ as a trait available to us all to reach our biggest business goals.

Her key philosophy in business is to stand out, have fun, experiment often, and always do business in a way that aligns with your values.

With a degree in marketing, an obsession with social media that dates back to MySpace, a never ending list of personal development journeys AND her years in multiple businesses – Em Gee combines her variety of knowledge & experience into high-impact, results-driven coaching.

She’s also a best selling author, mum to two girls, a manifesting generator and ex primary school teacher. There’s nothing Em Gee wouldn’t try once for the sake of learning, and within no time she’ll have you learning and growing your marketing and mindset skills, to show up as the most unstoppable version of yourself in business.

Dr Susannah Piek

Conscious Money Mentor

Dr Susannah Piek is a Xero specialist bookkeeper offering money mindset coaching as the missing piece to wealth creation.

In her early career, she worked as a scientist, before her love for numbers saw her embrace the world of bookkeeping. This evolved into a 10 year career in the bookkeeping industry, helping dozens of Australian entrepreneurs to master their money. She launched her own bookkeeping biz, Santosha in 2017.

Over the last decade she has successfully built two multi-six figure businesses while helping hundreds of other business owners do the same through her bookkeeping magic.
And while helping small businesses with their finances, she came to understand that all financial success has a common thread – a healthy money mindset.

It was this realisation that led her to train as a mindset coach and launch her second biz, Dr Susannah Piek – Expert in Abundance and Money Mindset to fundamentally change the way entrepreneurs feel about money.

She wants to share this magic mindset formula with other entrepreneurs so they too can revolutionise the way they feel about money.

By combining her bookkeeping practice with money mindset coaching, she wants to help YOU invite infinite wealth, abundance and joy into your life.

Sonja Pototzki-Raymond

Google & SEO Specialist

Sonja Pototzki-Raymond MSc is a CEO, Google Search Expert, Speaker and Business Coach helping her community outrank their competitors online.

A force to be reckoned with, in 2018, Sonja founded The Search Republic (formerly known as The Marketing Republiq), and within 4 years, has generated over $350 million in sales for her clients. With a global footprint and a long client waitlist, The Search Republic is now one of Australia’s most in-demand Google-accredited digital agencies.

Educated with an honour’s degree and master’s in marketing, Sonja combines her Google Search smarts with her big heart, passionate about making a difference to her client’s bottom line, the environment and the business community.

With 17 years of global marketing and advertising experience, including working for many high profile international brands – Guinness, Jameson, Nestle, L’oreal, Special K and Benefit Cosmetics, to name a few, Sonja is renowned for accelerating growth and transforming businesses using ethical, effective and sustainable Google Search strategies.

Jaye Roberts

Website & Sales Copywriter

Jaye Roberts is a copywriter who specialises in website, sales and launch copy for businesses who aren’t afraid to stand out with their brand out and use their words (for the greater good, obviously).

Building a business based on personality, influence, connection and inclusivity, she’s known to make, break and bend the “rules” of marketing/ copywriting in order to change the game and stand the fuck out.

LUXE.COPY offers done for you copywriting services and proudly spits words for some of the biggest names in Insta-biz, helping them finesse their tone of voice and market their services resulting in big impact, sold out programs and money in the bank.

With an obnoxious need to prove that your words matter, Jaye created the COPY.CLIQUE. An online community designed to teach business owners how to strategically DIY their copy, build
connections (with *their* humans) and sell using the power of words (aaaand a dash of human psychology).

A proud people pusher, she enjoys making people squirm by going extra deep in copy brief sessions and pushing the limits to make the most impact in business and this crazy thing we call life.

Westside Insurance Specialists

Business Insurance Specialists

Founded in 2012, Westside is an agile and highly experienced team of insurance professionals. Each year they deliver market-leading value, choice and advice to business customers across Western Australia, as authorised representatives of Insurance Advisernet – one of Australia’s most respected general insurance networks.

Locally-owned and operated from their offices at Kwinana Beach and Burswood, they are proud WA locals with an in-depth knowledge of local insurance needs. Their customers include businesses of all sizes and industries.

Contact Chason today on 0407 505 019 or chason.gripton@westis.com.au to get your 2023 insurance sorted.

Joyful Digital Co

Online Business Tech Experts

Carmen Tseng is the owner and chief digital strategist of Joyful Digital Co., a boutique digital and web agency based in Perth. Joyful’s mission is to bring more ease and joy into online business growth by providing affordable, accessible and reliable services and education to small businesses in Australia and abroad.

Joyful’s small-but-power-packed team specialises in crafting beautiful and highly converting websites, funnels, course platforms and digital systems and automations to help small businesses and personal brands monetise their expertise and grow their reach and impact online.