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This article is written by our 2023 Expert Sponsor, Sonja Pototzki Raymond, from The Search Republic. Contact Sonja today for help keeping your marketing on track! Sonja is part of our business networking community for women, right here in Perth, WA. Come join us here and say hi!

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Perhaps you’re familiar with the growing phenomenon known as Online Marketing, and when we say “phenomenon,” we really mean the inevitable future. The world is rapidly shifting towards digital platforms, and if your business isn’t properly geared towards the online landscape, it’s high time to catch up.


What does ‘online marketing’ mean?

Online Marketing is the straightforward process of using web-based platforms to advertise and promote the goods and services offered by your company. This method encompasses all the ways you market your business through the internet or mobile devices, allowing you to connect with potential customers on the digital platforms they already use.

Since the online landscape is continually evolving, Online Marketing is an industry that’s constantly discovering and refining the most effective techniques to reach its audience.

Now that we understand the definition of Online Marketing, what does it actually entail in practice?


The types of online marketing:


Online marketing advantages

We are obviously very partial to this industry, but we do genuinely have a love for Online Marketing because of the benefits we witness daily for our clients. We’ve outlined some of the BEST advantages that online marketing may provide for your business.


Analysing what works (and what doesn’t)

One of the most apparent advantages of Online Marketing is the capacity to monitor the sources of your website traffic and evaluate the impact of each channel. This enables you to scrutinise how customers find your site and which channels result in the most conversions, revealing where you may need to modify your Online Marketing strategy.


Reduced cost

Compared to conventional marketing strategies, online marketing gives you the chance to connect with a larger target audience. Due to its wide reach, an online marketing strategy offers better value for money. An online marketing campaign works around-the-clock, allowing you to cut costs when compared with traditional marketing strategies that require expenses like phone bills, printing, and postage.


Higher customer engagement

Thanks to the internet, we are more connected now than ever before. This is excellent news for businesses wishing to engage with their clients directly, instead of relying solely on traditional marketing techniques. Using a social media strategy can help you build deeper connections with your customers and give them direct access to your services.


Global marketing

Traditional marketing methods like print ads, direct mail, billboards, or phone calls often have a limited reach when it comes to potential audiences. On the other hand, online marketing offers a great opportunity to connect with customers from all corners of the world and expand your outreach. Anyone with internet access could potentially become your customer, making it a highly advantageous approach to reach a wider audience.


Time efficient

Even if you are unfamiliar with the workings of Online Marketing, entrusting it to a skilled professional can save you a significant amount of time. An experienced Online Marketer can establish and automate your campaign, freeing you to concentrate on managing your business while the campaign seeks out your target audience. Additionally, with the internet being easily accessible, having an online store can offer you the opportunity to serve multiple customers at once.

We are deeply committed to Online Marketing and think that business owners should experience its incredible benefits firsthand. Please get in touch with us if you need more advice for your online marketing strategy – we would to help you grow your business and achieve your goals.


This article is written by our 2023 Expert Sponsor, Sonja Pototzki Raymond, from The Search Republic. Contact Sonja today for help keeping your marketing on track!

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Founder of The Search Republic, Sonja Pototzki-Raymond, speaking at our 2023 International Women’s Day Event


Sonja Pototzki-Raymond MSc is a CEO, Google Search Expert, Speaker and Business Coach helping her community outrank their competitors online.

A force to be reckoned with, in 2018, Sonja founded The Search Republic (formerly known as The Marketing Republiq), and within 4 years, has generated over $350 million in sales for her clients. With a global footprint and a long client waitlist, The Search Republic is now one of Australia’s most in-demand Google-accredited digital agencies.

Educated with an honour’s degree and master’s in marketing, Sonja combines her Google Search smarts with her big heart, passionate about making a difference to her client’s bottom line, the environment and the business community.

With 17 years of global marketing and advertising experience, including working for many high profile international brands – Guinness, Jameson, Nestle, L’oreal, Special K and Benefit Cosmetics, to name a few, Sonja is renowned for accelerating growth and transforming businesses using ethical, effective and sustainable Google Search strategies.

If you’re keen to learn more about Google search follow Sonja on Instagram @sonjathesearchqueen

Sonja #GirlBoss uses her extensive digital marketing agency experience to offer you honest and professional business growth with transparent results.