Member Spotlight // Sarah Rusbatch from SLR Wellness


What is your business elevator pitch?

I’m living proof that a life without alcohol is not boring but is more fulfilling, fun and exciting than I ever dreamed possible. Ditching the wine has bee the start of a crazy, whirlwind and amazing journey that I never would have believed possible.

What is your WHY for being in business?

To spread the word that living a life being tired all the time, reliant on wine for a pick me up, overweight, hormonally imbalanced and starting each day with a plan to eat healthy and not have any wine but ditching it by 5pm can be a thing of the past. I’ve lived to tell the tale and so want to share this with other women.

Share a unique business challenge you have experienced and how you overcame this?

Encouraging women to share their fears about giving up alcohol and admit that it’s something they want to change but are too scared/peer pressure/habit hold them back. I am overcoming this by being authentic, sharing my story, telling them all the highs and lows of my journey and what worked for me.

What’s got you “edge of your seat” excited in your biz right now?

So much potential and so much possibility to know that I can help other women turn their lives around, fall in love with themselves again and have a level of pride and self love they haven’t experienced before.

What is your favourite biz resource at the moment?

Lisa Johnson coaching group and videos is incredible, as is the Fusion Business Group, enjoying Ellie Swift’s podcast.


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