Member Spotlight // Lucy Tearne – Crowned PR

Lucy describes herself as a professional people person and a private introvert who loves being the first in the know about everything.  She believes her superhero power is insight as she has an uncanny ability to be able to see and understand both sides of every story.  Read on to learn more about Lucy and her business Crowned PR.

What is your business elevator pitch?

I don’t do average and I don’t recommend you do either. We work with you perfecting every detail until we make your ultimate vision a reality.

What is your WHY for being in business?

I created Crowned PR with a desire to work on campaigns and events that really mean something to me, whether it’s a fundraising event or a brand I believe in, I don’t take on anything that I am not personally invested in and doesn’t challenge me to take it next level. Also, that as a business owner no one can tell me my slippers aren’t ‘office appropriate.’

Share a unique business challenge you have experienced, and how you overcame this?

As a younger business owner, client management was one of my biggest hurdles. Often the default was for them to want to treat me as a subordinate instead of an expert in my field that they are paying good money to, to hear my opinions.

What’s got you edge-of-your-seat excited in your biz right now?

Launching our first 6 figure campaign, it’s such a milestone and it means we get to work with so many cool people!

What is your favourite biz resource at the moment?

I am loving Bene Browns new book on Leadership, it doesn’t just speak to being a good manager to my employees, but to leading well in everything I do.

Learn more about Lucy here:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/crownedpublicrelations
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/crownedprperth
Website: https://www.crownedpr.net