Member Spotlight // Lauren McLeod – Cool Mum Clothing

Lauren describes herself as one crazy, type-A, stubborn, ambitious boss mum, and definitely not like a regular mum!  She believes her superhero power is superhero-like organization skills. She never miss appointments, prefers to have her week ahead scheduled in advance before Monday, and can pull an event together like a boss!  Read on to learn more about Lauren and her business Cool Mum Clothing!

What is your business elevator pitch?

Cool Mum Clothing has a variety of clothing and accessories for cool mums: pregnant, breastfeeding and beyond, including matching mum & mini outfits, statement tees, and maternity/breastfeeding clothing.

What is your WHY for being in business?

In my transition into motherhood, I wanted to hold onto myself as a woman and not lose myself in motherhood, becoming “just a mum”. This started with clothes. I didn’t want to sacrifice my personal style in favour of mum-life-friendly pieces during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which brought to my attention the lack of pieces available for young mums who enjoy a fun wardrobe. And so Cool Mum Clothing was born! Plus, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset (I used to play a funny game called “the business game” with my dad when I was a kid) and never enjoyed working for other people. I also knew that I wanted to stay home with my kids, rather than putting them in daycare, so I had to find a way to be able to do that and still make an income.

Share a unique business challenge you have experienced, and how you overcame this?

Recently, another business owner accused me of copying her logo (which I definitely did not), and since then, has proceeded to copy two of my designs and has changed her branding colours to be exactly the same as mine. This really sucks because her business is bigger than mine and has been around for longer, and I have done my best to support her business in the past because I 100% believe in collaboration over competition. I haven’t completely overcome this challenge, but I have blocked her from my socials and continue to remind myself to take her copying me as a compliment, and try not to waste energy stressing about it because there’s only so much I can do about it.

What’s got you edge-of-your-seat excited in your biz right now?

I’ve had quite a few people say they’ve seen people wearing my clothes, I often see my clothes pop up in social media posts and stories, and my social media followers have increased a fair bit recently, so that’s got me super excited! It really makes me feel like this little biz of mine is making a difference and people actually like what I’m doing!

What is your favourite biz resource at the moment?

I’m a huge fan of podcasts! I listen to them every time I’m in the car or on a walk, and I find them so helpful. Some of my fave business podcasts are Style Your Mind Podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast, The BossBabe Podcast, and The Stevie Says Social Podcast.

Learn more about Lauren here:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/coolmumclothing/
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/coolmumclothing/
Website: https://www.coolmumclothing.com/