Member Spotlight // Dilhari Mahiepala – Kiss Me You Fool

Dilhari is a pocket rocket marriage celebrant who is a lover of shoes, champagne, laughs, and most of all, having a ridiculous amount of fun!

Her superpower is her ability to always be herself when it comes to meeting couples (clients) or other biz owners.  So often, people put on a persona or act how they perceive they should be acting to impress.  Dilhari does away with all that kind of pretence and remembers that at the end of the day, in her role, couples are wanting to know her and that means they get to experience the realness of who she is: complete with dorky jokes and snort laughs 😁

Read on to learn more about Dilhari and her business Kiss Me You Fool.

What is your business elevator pitch?

I am a proud #lovehustler and #weddingwarrior who gets such an awesome kick out of watching two people acknowledge everything they mean to each other and to do that in the way that best suits them.  I am all about making sure people throw out the “rule book” when it comes to their wedding ceremony and to do whatever it is that makes THEM epically happy.

What is your WHY for being in business?

I started Kiss Me You Fool as a chance to inject some fun into the celebrant world; but truth be told, what the business has given me is so much more.  It’s given me the ability to re-evaluate my priorities and do something that I genuinely love doing each and every single day, that gives me more time to enjoy my husband and my kids and in some small way, makes me feel like I’m contributing to a bit more happy in peoples’ lives which is not a bad lifegoal to have if you ask me.

What is something business owners probably don’t know about your business, that they probably should know?

I have been a lawyer for about 12 years now and I’m still going on a part-time basis.  What that has given me is an in-depth knowledge of the legislation that governs what I do, the ability to public speak like a #boss and the skills to be able to stay organised, focused (for the most part) and work well under pressure.  If anything, being a lawyer and dealing with some less than desirable situations has taught me sheer determination … never ever give up.

Share a unique business challenge you have experienced, and how you overcame this?

I got cold sweats just writing this out and I’m being honest and vulnerable here because I trust you Biz Babes.  Last year, like some awful nightmare come to life, my PA system failed just as the bride and groom were about to do say their vows.  The guests were forced to strain and didn’t get to hear the most of the ceremony fully and the videographer couldn’t pick up ANYTHING.

Now, it’s not an end of the world type challenge and yes, electronic equipment does sometimes fail, but for a celebrant, it’s possibly one of the worst things to happen and obviously, the couple wasn’t too thrilled with the outcome.  Needless to say, I was gutted, my confidence plummeted to rock bottom and I considered whether I even wanted to put myself through that kind of possibility again.

But, it was thanks to the amazing and inspirational words of the photographer that day, the support of my celebrant tribe and my awesome husband who made me realise that sh*t does happen and yes it is terrible, what matters more is how you bounce back from this and what you learn.

And boy, did I learn some valuable lessons. (*Note: I went straight out and bought a new PA because I didn’t need that kind of bad old PA juju in my life anymore).

What’s the strangest thing you have ever done as an entrepreneur?

The strangest thing I have ever done was marrying a couple Halloween night, in my parent’s front yard at 11:56 pm, in the dark (their request) with me, them and their two witnesses (the entire guest count) all in costume!

They didn’t want any full ceremony, just short, simple and sweet.  I mean, I’m all for doing your day your way and I love Halloween fully sic, but I gotta admit, even for me, this experience bordered on the strange side.

What’s got you “edge-of-your-seat” excited in your biz right now?

I can barely contain my excitement because, this month, I got to marry a couple on a plane, over Rottnest at 14,000 feet just before we all JUMP!  I know it might not sound like edge of the seat, biz changing stuff to most, but for me, this has been a celebrant goal for YEARS and the fact that I finally got to do it, was AMAZING! I’m next marrying someone wearing a “Harley Quinn” costume.

What is your favourite biz resource at the moment?

My favourite biz resource would be finding my community, my tribe.  It’s being part of a phenomenal group like Fusion Biz Babes who continuously inspire, motivate and problem solve the heck out of any and all issues; it’s having gotten off my ass and networked with other like-minded celebrants and wedding industry vendors to find people I adore and who back me at every chance and who I turn to when the wedding world gets a bit bumpy.  Being able to turn to others when you run a small business is absolutely vital in my opinion and I consider myself supremely lucky to have all this.

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