Member Spotlight // Cynthia Orr from Corr Art

What is your business elevator pitch?

I love to create beautiful, diverse and contemporary paintings that will transform your space with light, color and passion. What ever ambiance you may desire, whether it be intimate and cosy or bubbly and fun, I have got the skill and understanding to create it.

ART is more than just a mood changer, it adds character and personality to its environment, creates conversation and is an emotional and financial investment.

What is your Why for being in business?

Why Corr Art? Because it is everything I am, mixed with everything I know, to bring about beauty, relationship and finances. I blesses me and those who invest in my paintings.

Share a unique business challenge you have experienced and how you overcame this?

Between 2017 and 2020, I experienced some personal health issues that set me back so far that I didn’t think I would ever be able to continue in my business. Mid last year I got my mojo back in a huge and very different way, which saw me create art that was next level and I began studying and re-building.

January 2021 I held a solo exhibition at my first Gallery which was extremely successful and rewarding.  I am pumped for this year and all that will unfold and I am ready for success in a much bigger way than I have every experienced or dreamed of.

What’s got you “edge of your seat” excited in your biz right now?

It is perfect timing for where I am in my business and in my life.  I am embarking on painting full time and this kind of networking is exactly what I need for me personally as well as for Corr Art.

What is your favourite biz resource at the moment?

I have just joined so I haven’t yet watched any resources, however, so far just the interaction and the meeting last Saturday in Albany will see me come back to the venue this Friday to chat about using the space upstairs for teaching. Very exciting!

Find out more about Cynthia here:

Instagram: @corr_art

Facebook: @corrart1