Member Spotlight // Ania Drouet – Enriched by Light Photography

Ania is an honest, fun, hard-working, motivated & maybe slightly crazy health professional (her words!) who realised there was much more to life than staring down people’s mouths all day long, and decided to make people smile in other ways.

She describes her superpower as being able to make people relax and laugh, through her (really bad) humour without really trying. It is something that has always been natural for her, but she has only become aware of this ‘superpower’ recently, after doing some self and business development discovery work.

Read on to learn more about Ania and her business Enriched By Light Photography.

What is your business elevator pitch?

I am a natural light photographer with a niche in authentic business branding imagery.  I love to work with small business & entrepreneurial women, particularly in the health, wellness and creative industries, who want photos that represent their authentic self. My attention to brand values and creativity enables my clients to confidently show up as their best self consistently across all digital media platforms.

What is your WHY for being in business?

I have always felt a natural EASE when I have a camera in my hand… And feel just as UNEASY about being in front of it myself… I GET that FEAR so many women
(in particular) experience!! I want to make people genuinely smile from within (not just with some fake porcelain veneers like in my ‘other’ life) and for them to be 100% comfortable to show their true authentic self, without concerns of ’what others will think’

What is something business owners probably don’t know about branding photography, that they probably should know?

So many of my personal or business branding photography clients do not realise how much planning goes into a branding shoot, both from my end, but also the things I get
them to think about and do prior to a photo shoot.  My branding shoots are not about just ‘snapping some pics’ of you! Before we even go into planning stage, we need to decide if you and your business are ready for a photoshoot, or if you need to develop a few more things within your brand before we start pressing that shutter button. You need to have a strong understanding of your business/brand and have a clear brand personality and style, so we can work together to nail this in your brand imagery.

Some things that are super important to know for your branding shoot planning especially with outfit choices for your brand’s style and personality can be found here.

Share a unique business challenge you have experienced, and how you overcame this?

To work as a dentist, you need to be ‘qualified’ and registered with the dental board.  Hence when I first decided to start my photography business I had so much self-doubt as I felt like a ‘fraud’ because I was a ‘self-taught’ photographer and didn’t possess a magic piece of paper as ‘proof’. It took a long time for me to get over this mental challenge and led me to offering a lot of ‘free’ work in my early days of business because I felt I needed to ‘prove myself’ before I came to the realisation that the piece of paper doesn’t really mean anything!

What’s the strangest thing you have ever done as an entrepreneur?

Take photos of ‘potential photo shoot locations… It is not unknown for me to be going somewhere via car, foot, train or the like (even when I am in the company of others…) and suddenly whipping out my phone and snapping a pic of a location, wall, building, park, street art… Followed by the words, ‘this would be a great spot for a shoot!’ Just ask my hubby if you need convincing!

What’s got you “edge-of-your-seat” excited in your biz right now?

I have finally decided to move my business forward from a marketing perspective and taken on Business Marketing Coaching with the amazing Ellie Swift! With Ellie’s experience, guidance and passion for all things marketing, I hope to bury some of those marketing fears (opt-ins, lead magnets, email funnels, social media content creation, automation etc) that have held me back for so long and hopefully feel comfortable enough to do my first ever Facebook Live!!

What is your favourite biz resource at the moment?

I have just finished reading the book ‘Everything that Remains” by the guys from The Minimalists and it has seriously changed my WHOLE approach to not just business but my LIFE. It has made me rethink my priorities, my passion, my needs and everything in between. If you haven’t read it… You SHOULD!!

Learn more about Ania 👇

Website: www.enrichedbylight.com.au

Facebook: Enriched By Light Photography

Instagram: @enrichedbylightphotography