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World Entrepreneur Day

The purpose of World Entrepreneur Day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and leadership throughout the world.  Our panel discussion “The New Age of Entrepreneurialism” will explore the concept of hustle vs flow, how our 3 female entrepreneur panellists have used each to achieve massive success, and the new rules for growing a business without the burnout in a modern day world.

Systems & Automations 101

Laura Vuvic hosts this masterclass where she shares the types of automations businesses should have when starting out plus the systems that are key to getting organised.
As a Systems Coach and Online Business Manager Laura guides and teaches business owners how to automate and systemise their businesses

3 Strategies To Generate $9.8M in Sales

Harriet, Sales Transformation Coach, Entrepreneur and Big Picture Sales Consultant shares her 3 Strategies to generate $9.8m without being salesy.
In this Masterclass you will learn Harriet’s 3 step process for how she achieved a whopping $9.8million in sales without “being salesy” and honouring an authentic, service-focused approach.

Fusion Unplugged

Two of our members shared their stories, experiences & advice 👯‍♀‍💪🏻💞
🙋🏻‍♀‍ Steph White from Stef Spills Ink on how to use consistency and vulnerability to build your business
🙋🏻‍♀‍ Vicky Pellowe, Life Coach on the confessions of a control freak and her mindset strategies for building resilience

How to use SELF HYPNOSIS as a powerful personal development tool

Emily Smith from Be Think Do Coaching will show us how to use self hypnosis as a powerful personal development tool!
During the masterclass Emily covered what is hypnosis? How you are already an incredibly powerful self-hypnotist and the tteps to use your own hypnosis to create change in your life and your business.

Podcasts that POP with Demelza Leonard

Podcasts are an incredible low cost way to get your brand out there.  If you have your own podcast, or thinking of starting one this masterclass is not to be missed.
Marketing & social media consultancy owner, Demelza Leonard hosted this interactive masterclass and shared all the ins and outs of starting, launching and promoting a winning podcasts!

Understanding Your Unconscious Mind to Supercharge your Life

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to change a habit, or why you keep thinking the same unhelpful thoughts?  It’s because so many of our thoughts, beliefs, actions and values are driven by our unconscious mind, not our conscious minds!  Join Juliet Lever – Author, Speaker, Podcaster + Trainer for this interactive, mindblowing presentation! 

3 Questions Your Website Needs to Answer

Your website has 5 seconds to answer 3 questions to help you build a connection with your audience & motivate them to learn about how to work with you or buy your products.  Gilly will be covering the 3 questions, how to answer them, how to balance that with getting found on Google, what your website is telling Google & how to check if it aligns with your business goals

Investing Basics and Wealth Creation

Is it time to get your hard earned money working for YOU!?  Join us for this Masterclass where financial adviser Jodi Escudier breaks down the terminology around investing, explain what options are available and how to get started – difference between trading and investing; Investment Options; Diversification; Ethical Investing; Timeframe & Risk and Investment Platforms.

Mastering the art of 'connection' with N.L.P.

Join Karen Claridge for this masterclass “Mastering the Art of Connection with N.L.P.” Find out the secrets of having instant rapport with your clients through N.L.P.  Karen covers what NLP is, why we don’t need to leave connection to chance, the importance of having a deep connection with ourselves and some simple techniques to try out straight away.

2021 International Women's Day - Ronaversary

On Monday 8 March 2021, Fusion Biz Co and Social Club Community joined forces for their fourth annual International Women’s Day Celebration.  We showcased a diverse range of speakers, sharing their experiences + stories of creativity + leadership during a world pandemic to highlight the 2021 global theme: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.”

PR The Sh*t Out of Yourself

Hype Queen / ex radio host/ Media Personality / Podcaster / soon to be author… Heidi Anderson to learn how to become your biggest cheerleader and shamelessly PR the sh*t out of yourself!
Heidi will show you how to toot your own horn, think outside the box, show up every day with confidence, and be your own PR agent.  

Your About Page is Not About You

Join Jen McGinley, Copywriter for this Masterclass.  Your entire website is not about you.  It’s about your amazing clients of course.  Jen will talk about what you need to get clear on before even thinking about writing the words for your website – Ideal client, Your Secret Sauce and your Brand Personality.


Wondering whether Clubhouse is worth the time investment?
Copywriter, creative and brand lover Naomi Faye gives you the lowdown!
She teaches you how to use Clubhouse with intention (without wasting time), how to access rooms aligned with your goals, and how to start a brand-specific room for your business.

2021 Game Plan

Watch this super inspirational workshop where Bri Sorg shares her unique (non-overwhelming) method to set your goals for 2021 💥🥳It is everything you need in a goal setting session – fast-paced, informative, funny, exciting and reflective.  I highly recommend spending an hour watching this, reflecting on the year that was, and getting exited for what’s possible next year.

The Essential Habits for Business Success

Katherine Clayton: The Joyful Habits Coach,  presented this Masterclass on creating more time, space & energy using habits,  the importance of habits, developing a new set habits to help your business thrive, becoming a master of your own focus and productivity and learning how to have fnu and enjoy the ride of everyday business

Cyber + Data Security

It may not be the sexiest topic, but if you want to protect your online world, and especially if you are collecting data from your customers – it should be one of the most important things you learn and implement!
Natasha Wilson from Concept Tech teaches us everything we need to know about online security.

Email Marketing: After the Signup

Join Yael for this email marketing masterclass, where we explore the many ways in which you can use email marketing to build relationships and get more sales without being spammy. You’ll come away with a tonne of ideas of content to send your email list as well as how you can use automations to serve your list while generating more sales.

FB Live Interview Series // Annette Lackovic

Watch Ash interview one of Australia’s leading Sales and High Performance Coach (and our September event speaker) Annette Lackovic!  Annette regularly works with a wide spectrum of clients from Solopreneur, SME’s to larger BRW listed corporate companies like Ezypay, Sanity Music, Dusk, Bras N Things, Flexi-Rent and Pernod Ricard Australia just to name a few.

World Entrepreneur Day

Our POWERHOUSE guest speaker is long time Fusion member, and kick-ass Business Coach Stephanie Gorton!  Steph will be sharing her:
– system for how she built not one, but TWO 6-figure businesses!
– top 3 FREE marketing strategies to explode your business
– proven method for how you can scale to 6-figures and beyond

Facebook Ad Retargeting

In this Masterclass, Fusion Founder Ashley Matkovic takes you behind the scenes of some of her most successful paid Facebook ad campaigns, and then she will build a retargeting campaign from scratch so you can see step-by-step how it’s done, and follow along if you like.  Ash has built Fusion to 250 members & 6-figures with the help of FB & IG advertising

Anti Racism

Annie Gichuru is the founder of Uplifting Studios, a platform dedicated to supporting migrant women of colour.  As a life coach, producer & host of Uplifting Studios TV, Annie teaches how to unshackle self-limiting beliefs.  Born in Kenya, Australia is her home where she lives with her husband & two young children. Annie is motivated by those facing the same challenges she faced.

The lazy girls guide to Small Business

Ever feel like you aren’t as Type A or action orientated as some of your fellow biz ladies?   Sam Dhu has built two businesses with zero hustle and a whole lotta “lazy girl time.” Mindset & Positive Psychology Life Coach Sam is here to give you PERMISSION to Create More Whilst Doing Less!

Get clear on your vision + staying committed

Join award-winning coach, creative business mentor, speaker, author of Rock Your Light – Tracey Spencer while she shares how you can get clear on your vision + stay committed to your own path, move through fear, self-sabotage and comparison. And how to take action when your dreams feel so far away, PLUS why our light is needed now more than ever.

Juliet Lever

Juliet Lever is the bestselling author of Relaunch My Life & the host of the top-rated podcast Relaunch My Life Radio, a keynote motivational speaker & personal development trainer.  Named a ‘self-help guide’ by Forbes her mission is to inspire others to find the courage & confidence & follow their true purpose. She’s a qualified NLP trainer, Yoga Teacher, Heartmath(™) Resiliency Coach & Reiki Master.

Local SEO + Google My Business

Gilly Corker covered some easy, practical steps you can take to improve your local SEO rankings. Local SEO is great for both product and service based businesses who want to target a specific geographic area (think, hairdresser Mosman Park).  Focussing on local SEO and Google My Business can also help your biz appear in the map-pack, or on Google Maps.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Chillpreneur”, “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business.  She helps women take back control over their finances.

Permission to step back, have fun, make more money

Founder of Juicy Creative Co, Amee Triscari shares her lived and learned insights into how to make business FUN again.  We talk mindset hacks, parenting a strong-willed child, how she went from $200 to a $15k launch, and what’s working on Pinterest right now.

Pivoting a business in times of crisis

Founder of Happiness Co, Julian Pace shares how he created a brand new initiative Happiness Aid to help people through isolation; his tips on keeping mentally healthy, and what he did with Happiness Co when they lost 80% of their income, and still had nine employees to support.

Marketing foundations for challenging times

Marketer and Founder of Creative Possibilities, Shannon Bush leads this Masterclass on the changes to make to your marketing strategy during a pandemic, how to apply the 4 Step Marketing Formula to any piece of marketing you’re creating, and tips for showing up and asking for the sale


Unleash Your Inner Leader

By tapping into you and understanding the power of self awareness, we can be confident in who we are and embrace our inner leader. We will be going on a journey to understand your personality type and explore your Superpowers, Kryptonite, Opportunities for Growth and Blind Spots in order to step into the best version of you and thrive as a leader in your biz and in life!

Badass Biz Mindset

2-time 6-figure biz owner and coach, Steph will join us live in the Fusion Members Lounge Facebook group to share her advice on how we can maintain a BADASS BIZ MINDSET throughout this surreal time we find ourselves in.  Steph is a certified Business & Mindset Coach + Owner of a successful business which earned 6 figures within its first year of operation

Psychology of Space

Cha Higginson is a Mindset Magician for Creatives.  She takes us through how to create the optimal environment to nurture your mindset, and how to work / live / homeschool / do everything at home without losing your mind! The most common ways we get in our own way | Setting up the ideal work environment at home | Optimizing creative flow

Quick Cash Generation + Resilience Mindset

Arabelle Yee shares her advice on how we can generate some quick cash, and be resilient in times of crisis.  Arabelle is a modern day healer, transformational coach, life & business strategist. Her obsession in life is to help people get connected to who they truly are at the core, and create emotional and financial freedom.

Navigating COVID-19 with an Abundance Mindset

International Business + Abundance Coach, Loren Trlin shares her advice on how we can remain in an abundance mindset through this corona chaos.  Loren’s life mission and purpose is to raise human consciousness on a global scale by supporting entrepreneurs, leaders, light workers and coaches in creating a life of abundance and impact.

Leveraging the Online World

Marketing & Mindset Coach Ellie Swift takes us through the new landscape of online business right now | Why now is the best time to transition & build your business online | What to know when it comes to messaging, marketing & selling online.  If you’re thinking it’s time to start or scale your business online, don’t miss this!

Government Stimulus Packages Explained

The government stimulus packages and support were still being announced  but Diana from Balance Tax Accountants hosted our very first FB Live online session.  Diana covered all the information to help understand the government stimulus packages and how we could make it work for our businesses

2020 International Women's Day Brunch

Fusion Biz Co and Social Club Community joined forces again for our annual celebration of International Women’s Day!  Our 2020 theme of “YOU DO YOU” included a no holds barred panel on how they went against the grain and unapologetically created a dream life + biz by being their 100% true authentic selves.

50 Ways to Get more Customers

Angela Henderson is an international award winning business consultant, speaker and podcaster. While she was here she host this Coffee Pod exclusively for Fusion members, sharing 50 Ways to Get More Customers!!   Angela has helped thousands of women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent 5-figure months and multiple 6-figure years… without burning out in the process.

LIVE EVENT // Ash interviews Lorna Jane Clarkson

Lorna Jane Clarkson is the woman behind (and in front) of Lorna Jane. She’s the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the global activewear brand, as well as a highly regarded wellness guru, author, entrepreneur, an eternal optimist and (fun-fact) the single most awarded Activewear designer on the planet.  She graced our stage and spoke with Ash in 2019.

LIVE EVENT // Biz Audit by Kerrie Allen

Kerrie is the co-founder of design + brand agency The Control Freak Co.  After 22 years of business experience, Kerrie spends her days supporting small business owners, leaders and up-and-comers to think beyond “other people’s rules” and play by their own. Whether it’s developing brand confidence, business strategy or accountability – excuses are left at the door, boundaries are pushed and change is made.

LIVE EVENT // Get Leads using Pinterest and Email Marketing

Kate Campbell (Kate Emiley) & Amee Triscoli (Juicy Creative Co) share their wisdom about leveraging the power of LEAD MAGNETS using PINTEREST to grow your email list with hot leads and line your pockets with dollar bills baby!  They don’t do boring or confusing so they shared exactly the stuff you NEED TO KNOW without the overwhelm. 

LIVE EVENT // Live Branding Experiment with Cath Sutherland

Cath Sutherland, founder of Conscious Business – is a Conscious Business advocate, branding expert, consultant, facilitator, keynote speaker and author of the Creating Brand Energy.  This experiment was designed to be thought provoking, inspiring, engaging, kind and a whole lot of fun!  And it was! 

LIVE EVENT // Stories of Mental Wellbeing

Asha Mackay is an Accredited Exercise Scientist, with a BIG difference.  Samantha Dhu is a Mindset Transformation Coach, Clinical Social Worker and highly qualified Psychotherapist.  This session was thought provoking and started with a mindfulness session by Sam; then the exercise that Asha facilitated proved just how similar we all are when it comes to our inner voice and critic.

LIVE EVENT // Secrets to Growing a Successful Biz

Lala Macnab is the owner and Creative director of Lala Design, which is recognised as one of Australia’s leading wedding stationery brands since 2003.   Chiara is your go to for SOS help with your socials. She’s basically your PT for social media, to keep you accountable and guide you to smash the sh*t outta your social media strategies!

LIVE EVENT // 2019 International Women's Day

Biz Secrets Exposed – A revealing morning of never-before-heard secrets, behind the success of our influential guest panellists, whilst raising money for charity, and bringing awareness to this year’s global IWD theme of #BalanceforBetter – (a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world)

LIVE EVENT // How to get into the media

Media Stable expert, Lanna Hill, and MD of Media Stable, Nic Hayes explain why a media profile is so valuable as a business owner or professional.  They also covered understanding the media cycle, the importance of leveraging your media appearances and knowing your marketing messages.