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Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Chillpreneur”, “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business.  She helps women take back control over their finances.

Permission to step back, have fun, make more money

Founder of Juicy Creative Co, Amee Triscari shares her lived and learned insights into how to make business FUN again.  We talk mindset hacks, parenting a strong-willed child, how she went from $200 to a $15k launch, and what’s working on Pinterest right now.

Pivoting a business in times of crisis

Founder of Happiness Co, Julian Pace shares how he created a brand new initiative Happiness Aid to help people through isolation; his tips on keeping mentally healthy, and what he did with Happiness Co when they lost 80% of their income, and still had nine employees to support.

Marketing foundations for challenging times

Marketer and Founder of Creative Possibilities, Shannon Bush leads this Masterclass on the changes to make to your marketing strategy during a pandemic, how to apply the 4 Step Marketing Formula to any piece of marketing you’re creating, and tips for showing up and asking for the sale


Unleash Your Inner Leader

By tapping into you and understanding the power of self awareness, we can be confident in who we are and embrace our inner leader. We will be going on a journey to understand your personality type and explore your Superpowers, Kryptonite, Opportunities for Growth and Blind Spots in order to step into the best version of you and thrive as a leader in your biz and in life!

Badass Biz Mindset

2-time 6-figure biz owner and coach, Steph will join us live in the Fusion Members Lounge Facebook group to share her advice on how we can maintain a BADASS BIZ MINDSET throughout this surreal time we find ourselves in.  Steph is a certified Business & Mindset Coach + Owner of a successful business which earned 6 figures within its first year of operation

Psychology of Space

Cha Higginson is a Mindset Magician for Creatives.  She takes us through how to create the optimal environment to nurture your mindset, and how to work / live / homeschool / do everything at home without losing your mind! The most common ways we get in our own way | Setting up the ideal work environment at home | Optimizing creative flow

Quick Cash Generation + Resilience Mindset

Arabelle Yee shares her advice on how we can generate some quick cash, and be resilient in times of crisis.  Arabelle is a modern day healer, transformational coach, life & business strategist. Her obsession in life is to help people get connected to who they truly are at the core, and create emotional and financial freedom.

Navigating COVID-19 with an Abundance Mindset

International Business + Abundance Coach, Loren Trlin shares her advice on how we can remain in an abundance mindset through this corona chaos.  Loren’s life mission and purpose is to raise human consciousness on a global scale by supporting entrepreneurs, leaders, light workers and coaches in creating a life of abundance and impact.

Leveraging the Online World

Marketing & Mindset Coach Ellie Swift takes us through the new landscape of online business right now | Why now is the best time to transition & build your business online | What to know when it comes to messaging, marketing & selling online.  If you’re thinking it’s time to start or scale your business online, don’t miss this!

Government Stimulus Packages Explained

The government stimulus packages and support were still being announced  but Diana from Balance Tax Accountants hosted our very first FB Live online session.  Diana covered all the information to help understand the government stimulus packages and how we could make it work for our businesses

2020 International Women's Day Brunch

Fusion Biz Co and Social Club Community joined forces again for our annual celebration of International Women’s Day!  Our 2020 theme of “YOU DO YOU” included a no holds barred panel on how they went against the grain and unapologetically created a dream life + biz by being their 100% true authentic selves.