Meet the Perth Entrepreneurs Disrupting their Industries

Perth is full of powerhouse businesswomen going after the dreams on their heart, and making the changes they want to see in the world.

And because you’re reading this, I bet you’re a change making kinda woman too!

I salute you!

Hi, I am Ash Matković, Founder of Fusion Biz Co, the leading business networking community in Perth built on authentic relationships over sales.

Our motto is “leave your best self at the door, we welcome your real self to the table” because we love the juicy convos and lifelong friendships that unfold when people open up and show their true selves.

This article features 7 of our founding VIP members who are disrupting their industries, and who open their hearts and minds to each other at our VIP events.

To be a change maker, you need to intentionally surround yourself with other visionaries.

The type of people who give you the tools, advice and encouragement to smash that next revenue goal (instead of raising their eyes in doubt at you)

That’s the type of businesswomen our VIP members are!

Allow me to introduce seven of them to you.

And if you’re keen on joining us, click here, and come up level your circle of influence.

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Nikolina Milosevic – Legally With Nina

Nina is always the first to rock up at our events with the biggest, friendliest smile on her face!

Spending much of her time last year gallivanting around Europe, she is total inspo when it comes to the “laptop lifestyle”

She was getting major FOMO seeing all our Fusion events on the old IG, so when she moved back to Perth this year, she was one of the first members to join Fusion VIP when it launched!

Nina is a business lawyer, and the founder of Legally With Nina which is operated by ND Legal Pty Ltd, a WA law firm. She strives to make legal services simpler and more accessible for Australian business owners by cutting through the noise, and providing straightforward, uncomplicated, and cost-effective legal advice.

She utilises innovative ways to deliver services including through masterclasses, a business legals start-up program, easy plug and play templates, fixed fee retainers, and fixed 1:1 legal services, all while keeping up to date with changing business models, industries, and technology – so that there is no compromise on value and expertise.

Connect with Nina here: https://www.legallywithnina.com/

Carmen Braidwood – On Camera With Carmen

Carmen and I first met way before I launched the first Fusion membership, over 6 years ago.

I totally #fangirled over her, being an avid listener of her radio show on my morning commute back when I had a day job

Today, both of our lives look very different, she is no longer in radio, and I am no longer employable!

And we get to catch up regularly with each other at VIP events, and help each others businesses grow.

Carmen is now totally shaking up her industry with a modern take on media training. Most ex-media professionals who turn their hand to media training offer crisis management, or spokesperson training for CEOs politicians and industry association bosses who need to speak in news grabs.

But Carmen’s modern media training, which includes her Confidence on Camera programs, workshops and keynotes, are for everyone. Whether you’re in business, growing your personal brand, or just starting out in your career, everyone needs to be able to share their story, message and brand on camera to connect with audiences just the way media personalities have done for years.

And Carmen is here to help you!

Work with Carmen here: https://course.carmenbraidwood.com.au/links

Brehoni Renk – Incaberry App

Brehoni and I first connected in 2022 when she applied to be part of another mastermind I was running, she was in the initial stages of designing her own revolutionary app. (I mean, seriously, an app!)

She joined VIP and came along to her first event just last month, and wowed us all with her app idea.

Incaberry is the first app of its kind to Buy, Sell & Trade Fruit & Veg.
It will be available on all platforms (iPhone, Android & Desktop) and is set to completely revolutionise how we source our produce, supporting local growers and connecting directly with people in our communities!

She’s already surpassed her initial numbers of interest, and with more avocados and limes than I know what to do with in my backyard, I can’t wait til this launches!

Get notified when the app launches: https://incaberry.app/

Bame Mukuria – The Prestart Studio

Bame is a breath of fresh air, as soon as you walk into a VIP event, the first thing you will probably hear her is her infectious laugh, accompanied by the warmest of hugs.

She is someone who instantly makes you feel like you’ve known her forever.

Bame is taking on the big boys, and founded The Prestart Studio, which is one of a kind in Perth’s Building industry!

A qualified Architectural designer with over a decade of industry experience helping Perth homeowners design their dream homes, her mission is to empower first home owners with the tools, resources and insider knowledge that will help them save thousands and feel confident at their builders prestart meeting!

She helps home owners avoid costly design mistakes, understand builders jargon and translate your contract documents.

Bame loves a good IG chat, so connect with her here: https://www.instagram.com/theprestartstudio/

Gemma Dunthorne – Daneechi Swimwear

Gem is a long time Fusion member, and has been in pretty much all of the masterminds and memberships Fusion has ever offered!

She always brings so much joy, warmth and depth to the conversations in our round table discussions, and being the owner of Perth’s longest running and well known ladies swimwear store, she definitely brings some incredible business insights too.

When trying to source period proof bathers to stock in her shop, she couldn’t find any that were willing to wholesale to a small retailer.

So what did she do?

What any change making entrepreneur would do, of course!

She designed her OWN and will be the first physical store in WA to sell period proof bathers!!

Get on the waitlist here: https://daneechiswimwear.com/

Mandy Gratzer – Acupuncturists Biz Hub and Sheng Works Perth

Mandy openly admits she avoided joining Fusion because she thought “who is she to network?”

After her sister (long time Fusion member, Elysia from Maple & Wren) dragged her along to our post-iso party 2 years ago, Mandy has been one of our biggest raving fans!

I have no idea why Mandy originally doubted herself, because this absolute powerhouse of a businesswomen, is not only the GO TO acupuncturist in Perth, but she is also a mentor to budding acupuncturists ( @acupuncturistsbizhub) and she is now taking on the mammoth task of the first of it’s kind conference.

A Conference on the authenticity of running an abundant sustainable health practice, without going against the fundamentals of Acu training is a very big deal and completely challenges the mindset of almost every code of ethics held by the industry.

And yet here she is, with 10 presenters locked in, almost at minimum numbers and the early bird hasn’t closed yet.

Seeing Mandy back herself and create enormous wave of change in her industry is so inspiring, and at Fusion VIP we get first row seats into how she’s doing it and celebrating her every step of the way!

Follow Mandy’s journey here: https://www.instagram.com/acupuncturistsbizhub/

Jasia Hunt – Inner Zen Bowen

Jasia is a beautiful soul with a change making heart.

If you ever have any aches and pains, she will be the first to offer a kind ear and gentle solution at our VIP events!

As a Bowen Therapist for years, she MADE HER OWN magnesium supplement!

She couldn’t find anything like it in Australia and I was ordering it off an American website and it still wasn’t exactly what she was after.
So she ended up coming up with her own cleanest and tastiest Magnesium supplement in WA that has helped so many people already!

Get yourself a tub here: https://www.innerzentherapy.com.au/shop/

I hope you enjoyed getting to know these 7 change making businesswomen in Perth!

I’d like to invite you to come and join us in Fusion VIP here!

Or if you want to chat, slide into my DM’s here, I personally read and reply to every single message xx

Love Ash x 

Founder of Fusion Biz Co.

Champion of real human connection, and women supporting women.