MASTERCLASS | Strategies and Tools to Calm Anxiety + Overwhelm | Rachel Dhanjal

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I have had countless conversations with Biz Babes and know this is a struggle for many of us, so for this Masterclass I asked Rachel Dhanjal, Stress & Anxiety Specialist, to share some of her best tips and techniques to calm anxiety and overwhelm.  She did not disappoint!

In this Masterclass learn:

  • How to quieten your inner b*tch
  • A fantastic tip for curbing your worrying
  • Get to know your body, and the stress triggers, and how to deal when they inevitably pop up
  • A smart NLP technique for releasing overwhelm


About Rachel:

As an Anxiety Coach and Kinesiologist, Rachel’s passion is in helping stressed out, anxious women have more Calm, Confidence, and Emotional Control so they can create a passion fuelled life that lights them up.

Having suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression for most of her childhood and teenage years, she knows what it is like firsthand the impact of mental illness.

Rachel’s journey from pain led her to study over 6 years full-time (and still continuing) in a range of modalities including Nutritional Medicine, Energetic Sciences, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

This is why she now specialises in helping women to unravel the layers of anxiety through a holistic energetic approach. She works to unearth the root cause of anxiety, supporting you to unravel dysfunctional stress patterns held within the nervous system, dissolving anxiety symptoms.

If you are interested in finding more about what Rachel does and how she can help you, please get in touch by emailing her at info@racheldhanjal.com or visiting www.racheldlhanjal.com.

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