MASTERCLASS | Speak Like an Industry Influencer | Kerryn Gamble

If you ever feel like people don’t take you seriously & you feel like you’re not getting the respect you deserve then this Masterclass is for you!

Kerryn Gamble, author of UNSTOPPABLE, and women’s self confidence & communication expert, helps women communicate with influence, and her mission is to close the confidence and achievement gap of professional women.

Kerryn teaches us how very simple tweaks in your language can have a drastic affect on how people view your strength, and help you to become credible and respected in your field.

She also goes into detail on how specific language patterns that you might not even realize you’re using are affecting how people perceive you.

With loads of examples on the undermining versus empowering language patterns, this is sure to make you think before you speak… or email.

Land pitches, close deals, create a great impression, and be effective in meetings!

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More about Kerryn Gamble:

“Closing The Confidence & Achievement Gap For Women”

Kerryn is an expert in transforming ambitious women into compelling communicators.

Working with high-potential women, Kerryn elevates their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, building personal foundations for leadership growth. Kerryn consults to organisations, providing strategy for gender inclusion and engagement initiatives, womens leadership programs and delivers engaging keynotes.

“My drive to empower women and elevate their communication is a product of being shy during childhood, feeling invisible as a young adult and believing my opinions and ideas were not as valuable as those of my highly intelligent sibling. The turning point was not speaking up when I needed to – which almost cost me my life.”

“My vision is a world where women communicate with conviction”

Kerryn speaks on confidence, worth, verbal and non-verbal communication skills for high performers.

Her keynotes and interactive sessions are designed to engage and empower. Kerryn is Vice President of Professional Speakers Australia (VIC,TAS), Founder of Woman of Worth and author of UNSTOPPABLE: The Professional Women’s Guide To Purpose, Power & Prosperity.

Listen to Kerryn’s In The Hot Seat Interview

Connect with Kerryn here: www.kerryngamble.com