MASTERCLASS | Overcoming Your Fear of Cold Calling to Kick Start Your Biz | Elyse Daniels

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Wondering how to get your biz out there?  Need more customers or clients?

We have the answer!  It takes a bit of hustle, and putting yourself out there, but if you’re serious about your business success then this Masterclass will show you how.

In this Masterclass Elyse Daniels, teaches us the exact cold calling strategy she used to launch her business Exodus Wear, and build it to a multi-million dollar company with plans to expand internationally!

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  • The exact step-by-step process you should take to get you started with cold calling
  • How to shift your mindset so you can overcome your fear of making the call
  • A brilliant tactic to get people to actually pick up the phone and want to speak with you!
  • How to deal when the call doesn’t go according to plan
  • How to handle rejections



More about Elyse Daniels:

Elyse Daniels is the owner of multi-million dollar business Exodus Wear, and the woman who managed to get Justin Bieber to wear her one of her jackets!

Elyse started her business at the tender age of 21.  Today, she is still under 30 years of age and is at the helm of a multi-million dollar company with her range of custom apparel in over 300 schools & sporting groups and exciting plans for international expansion in the near future.

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