MASTERCLASS | How to Repurpose your Blogs into Social Media posts | Jo Johnson

I am super pumped to announce this new Masterclass exclusive to The #BizBabe Lounge members to sink your teeth into.

Do you ever wonder how people stay so active on Facebook, Instagram, LinedIn, Twitter, Pinterest…. (the list could go on) – without getting burnt out?

Do you think to yourself… I should be posting an update on Facebook right now.. But draw a blank on what to post?

What if there was a formula for your biz to look like you’re everywhere, without the effort of being everywhere?

Well now there is!

In this Masterclass Jo Johnson (aka The Content Coach) will teach us a simple process to repurpose your blog posts into social media posts – saving you the most precious commodity… time!

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  • The basics of how to run a modern business (hint: efficiency, automation, and outsourcing)
  • The buyer’s journey and how you can convert a potential client to a happy customer!
  • The perfect structure of a blog post, including how to put together curated blog posts
  • How to write a killer headline for a blog post!
  • How you can easily create multiple social media posts for facebook, twitter, instgram, pinterest, linkedin, youtube
  • Added bonus of repurposing video blogs!


More about Jo Johnson:

Screen shot 2017-04-25 at 10.29.35 AM

The Content Coach, Jo, helps small business owners unlock the value in their story so that they connect more effectively and grow their business.

She helps business owners who want to be more in control of their message and truly grow their business through meaningful connections with their desired audience. Uncovering their unique story, then finding a way to tell it in their own true voice across multiple marketing channels.

BUT if you don’t want to do it yourself, and can’t see a way to learn how, she also offers content creation services: websites, ad writing, blogs, case studies etc. She’s also really good at getting the stuff out of people’s heads and onto the page in a way that makes sense. Jo can build content marketing strategies to show you how and where you should be advertising, conversing, targeting, and converting on the web.

Download your FREE Sample of Jo’s book here: www.thecontentcoach.com.au/stories-sell-sample

Connect with Jo here: www.thecontentcoach.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecontentcoach