MASTERCLASS | Create a Positive Money Mindset for Abundance in your Life + Business | Arabelle Yee

This Masterclass is not just for biz owners – if you’re still in the idea phase then the powerful exercises Arabelle shares here really have the ability to banish the blocks you didn’t even know you had, to take you to a new level of thinking✊🏻

This Money Masterclass, will help to reframe your whole money mindset, and asks the question what does abundance really mean?

If you’re finding it difficult to get past a certain revenue level in your business, or if you always seem to be scrambling to get by in life, or if you feel any kind of negative feelings when you think about money – then this one is for you!

In this Masterclass learn:

  • How to identify the money stories you have unconsciously picked up throughout your life
  • Powerful exercises to help you rewrite the stories/beliefs you have about money to raise your frequency and open yourself up to receiving
  • The important difference between intentional investing and mindless spending, and how this is a telling factor of your current highest values
  • How to destroy fear and imposter syndrome as they are blocking money from flowing easily to you
  • Reframe your thoughts around bills, to ensure you never cringe at a window letter in the mailbox again!
  • How to increase your capacity to receive

As an internationally recognised Speaker, Life & Business Strategist and High Performance Coach, Arabelle helps individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals become the best at what they do through the power of mindset. “A cross between Elizabeth Gilbert and Tony Robbins”, as her peers would say, Arabelle teaches Leadership, Mindset and Human Behaviour.

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Connect with Arabelle here: www.arabelleyee.com


Key Takeaways and Exercises to Release those Pesky Money Blocks:

  • Write down the first 5 positive things about money and the first 5 negative things that come up.  This will help to reveal and uncover your programmed money stories, so you know whats holding you back and can become aware of it


  • Do you complain about bills? Try shifting your energy to a positive vibration and be thankful when opening those window letters.  We get bills because we are lucky to have access to electricity, phone, internet – you get the point.


  • Identify where your money is going?  Is it on things like education to up-skill yourself, or on things like clothes and the newest Gucci bag?  Pay attention to this and it will tell you what your highest values are at this time in your life.


  • If you were to receive $1m today what would you spend it on?  Would you spend or invest? Investment allows you to have abundance with the value flowing back to you


  • Less is more.  What are you pretending to need that you don’t really need – declutter your life, start small – maybe your wardrobe


  • Money mantras to rewire your brain. Try saying these to yourself when you feel that lack mentalist coming on:
    • “It is safe for me to have or make more money”
    • “Money flows to me effortlessly, smoothly and abundantly”
    • “I give myself permission to be abundant”


  • Write a letter to money, and explain how you’re going to let go of the blocks you have, and how you are going to rewrite your money stories


  • Write your money goals for the next year and break it down to quarterly, and what your money mindset has to be in order to accomplish those goals