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This article is written by our 2023 Expert Sponsor, Sonja Pototzki Raymond, from The Search Republic. 

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Sonja and Fusion Biz Co. Founder, Ashley at IWD2023

Sonja and Fusion Biz Co. Founder, Ashley at IWD2023

You may have heard the phrase “local SEO services” and be aware that it is a tool that can help your business develop, but understanding what that entails is another story. To save you hours of Googling, we’ve earned the degrees, gotten the experience and done all the study required in the realms of SEO. Any search engine’s ultimate objective is to provide the user with the most relevant results. In order to meet the requirements of the customer, business owners should adopt the same mentality. To discover the value of local SEO and the tools you can use to optimise your website (and expand your business), read on.


SEO: what is it and why do I need to know?

To understand local SEO, you first need to ‘get’ the bigger picture. Search engine optimisation (or SEO) involves bringing in visitors from search engine results. This is referred to as Organic traffic because the traffic, you guessed it, arrived at the site organically.

Algorithms are used by Google and other search engines to match users with the best, most relevant results. These complex formulations also alter on a daily basis. Google ranks each page (not each website – this is important to remember) using more than 200 ranking formulas. They don’t reveal the precise workings of their technique, so it keeps producing excellent search results that are most valuable to the searcher’s query.

What we do know is that using the right SEO techniques will make your website appear more favourable to search engines, which will raise your ranking and increase the likelihood that your target market will find you. For instance, Google deploys “Googlebots” to trawl through websites, analysing the content to find what it deems to be most valuable to the searcher. Employing SEO techniques helps make your website appear more trustworthy and appealing to the “Googlebot”.

Optimisation, as we hope you can now see, is a continuous process of improvement. And the fact that it is always evolving can actually be a huge advantage.


Okay, then what is Local SEO?

It’s in the name, really; a Local SEO strategy helps local businesses share their offerings with potential local customers. It targets Google’s local search results by making your business appear more immediately for those in the area. It helps local brick and mortar businesses by tying queries to the location of their physical stores. The user’s location is taken into account when the search engine compares them to the Google My Business listing. The listing contains all the details you need to know about the business, including their website, phone number, address, reviews and travel instructions.

Local search results appear in the form of Google Maps or Bing Maps using localised search terms such as city, suburb, province or ‘near me.’ By engaging your business in local SEO services, this ensures you will appear in the maps section of the search results for your products and services.


Is Local SEO really that important?

Four out of five consumers, according to HubSpot, utilise search to find local information. This indicates that a feature is being used by 80% of your potential clients to find your company. You may increase your chances of connecting with your customer by using a local SEO plan. People search for services every day on a variety of devices, and frequently what they are looking for needs to be close by. For your company to not appear in these local search results would be a disservice both to you and your potential customers.

Using local SEO services can only boost the possibility of connecting with folks looking for products or services in your area. Additionally, local SEO tools help to build trust between users and search engines, which benefits both the search engines and your business. Win win!

You can easily examine how many conversions your business had from a local SEO campaign, including the number of calls made, website visits, directions requested, and total number of images viewed.


Improving your Local SEO

Your business simply must appear in local search results. Having a Google My Business Account and making sure it is optimised with as much relevant information as possible is the most important piece of advice for local SEO. The most fundamental details to mention are your company name, address, and phone number. You should also have your logo, business hours, and what services or products you offer if you want to boost your local SEO.

Some additional local SEO advice for your company would be encouraging and responding to reviews, updating your Google My Business account with the latest “news/products or events,” and adding images of your premises.

The more items on the local SEO checklist that are checked off, the more accurate the information presented.


Local SEO Rule 1: Content is King

The king of local SEO strategy is (and always was) content. You must provide valuable, helpful, and locally relevant content for your audience if you want your website to rank highly on Google. To support your local SEO strategy, regularly include the names of the places and regions you serve in your content along with the services your company provides. Being able to assist your consumer should be your first priority as a business owner. Your target consumers are people who use search engines, therefore the material you produce should improve their user experience by incorporating relevant keywords into your text. As a bonus, this will raise your ranking on Google!

It takes time and effort to move up the Google organic ranking ladder; it will likely be several months before you observe a sharp rise in rankings. While we are most definitely in it for the long haul, we have firsthand knowledge of the amazing outcomes that can come from a good local SEO strategy. We sincerely hope that this will help you with your local SEO! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


This article is written by our 2023 Expert Sponsor, Sonja Pototzki Raymond, from The Search Republic. Contact Sonja today for help keeping your marketing on track!

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