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When Lisa Messenger hits Perth for the first time in years, one does not simply pass up the opportunity to see her speak!

Well.. 94 of Perth’s most influential entrepreneurial women certainly didn’t!

On Thursday 8th Feb, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to host Lisa for the Fusion Biz Babes community. A total bucket list item for me.

Lisa was on my hit list for speakers, but I was thinking maybe in 3 or so years. It just goes to show that Lisa’s philosophy in her new book PURPOSE that “once you find your WHY, the HOW will look after itself” is 100% on point.

And when opportunities come your way you have to be ready to POUNCE! And pounce I did 😉


So the Fusion Biz Babes community gathered – one VERY excited bunch of go-getter ladies – to meet + greet Lisa, hear her Collective Hub biz journey, and ask her all the curly questions.

I had one brief from Lisa – that NOTHING was off limits, and the harder the question the better. I think she wanted us to challenge her… And that we certainly did!

For those of you who don’t know Lisa – firstly… have you been hiding under a rock!?

And more importantly, she is the game-changing, rule-breaking Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Collective Hub, and all round idol to female entrepreneurs around the globe.

She just also happens to be super friendly, humble, down to earth, and a completely-normal-human-being who is changing the world one “tested” idea at a time.

I mean, look what she signed her new book PURPOSE to me.


“Thanks so much for your belief in me…” – if that’s not the definition of humble I don’t know what is!?


Once the buzz in the room subsided for long enough, Lanna (our MC) and I introduced Lisa to the Fusion stage.

There we were, with our notepads out and pens at the ready. It was time to hear the insider secrets from one of Australia’s most successful business women.

I wanted to share some of my favourite questions and Lisa’s answers below, because they are too good not to share!

“How do you get people to say YES to strategic partnerships & funding deals?”

Start small and get an easy “yes” and build the relationship from there. Focus on what is in it for THEM, and stack the value.

For example, when Lisa got Commonwealth Bank to say YES to a $200k partnership funding deal for Collective Hub, she first found a Bank Manager who loved print magazines (tick) and then stacked the value by offering to do speaking engagements for them, advertising in the magazine, and lots of other stacked value. What can you offer from your skillset to get someone to say yes?

Another example is when Lisa was invited to Richard Branson’s Necker Island and she had the opportunity to “Pitch to Rich.” Whilst others were asking BIG things of Richard, Lisa simply asked if she could send a box of Collective Hub magazines to his island every issue – an easy YES – which led to other mind blowing collaborations with Richard in the future.

“What do you do if you get a great opportunity fall in your lap but you don’t feel like you have the skills yet?”

Say YES and THEN get your sh*t sorted! If it aligns with your vision and what you stand for then you’ll work it out. Lisa is a big advocate of starting before you’re ready. It is ok to go out there and sell an idea before you have “all your ducks in a row.”

Lisa also stressed the importance of having a great network of other business owners around you, so you can call on their skillset if required and focus on what you’re best at.

“What LEGACY would you like to leave?”

Lisa’s PURPOSE is to ignite human potential, and to be an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, living her life out loud, showing that anything is possible.

She spoke about finding your WHY and really connecting with your PURPOSE, and to go all in on your vision. However she also stressed the importance of not getting too attached to your delivery mechanism to fulfil that purpose.

For example, Lisa’s current delivery mechanism for her purpose is a print magazine (among others) however she is always testing and tweaking new ideas. As long as you know what you stand for and stay true to yourself then you can always pivot in your business to bring your vision to life.

“What is your biggest fangirl moment?”

Lisa has never had a fangirl moment (even after meeting the likes of Jamie Oliver, Richard Branson and Ewen McGregor!) She truly believes everyone is equal and that we should never put someone on a pedestal because we are ALL human playing this game we call life.


  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Lisa gets her energy from sleeping A LOT and she makes no apologies for that
  • Lisa’s idea of meditation can come in the form of a run, or even hard core dance music! Find whatever helps YOU to stay mindful, andDO IT!
  • Some of Lisa’s favourite podcasts: Tim Ferris; How I Built This; Reid Hoffman


If there is one thing that this experience with Lisa taught me, it is to think BIGGER, and to grab opportunities by bothhands and hold on tight!

So… Lorna Jane watch out… I am coming for you next! 😉

For more photos of the evening CLICK HERE

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