Life lessons from Magda Szubanski


Me in the stripes on the left

It’s a pretty amazing lady who can captivate a room of over 400 babes for almost an hour.

This morning I shared Brekkie with some of my fave #BizBabes and had the pleasure of hearing Magda Szubanski’s story + life lessons at the Business Chicks Breakfast.

If you don’t know Magda, she is a comedian famous for her work on the Kath and Kim show (among others) and came out as a lesbian in 2012.  Her parents are Polish and went through some very tough times.  She has overcome the hardships of diversity and is finally able to not give a F about what others think of her.

A quote that struck me:
Western women will bring peace to the world  ~ The Dalai Lama.

Sometimes it’s easy to think we can’t change the world – but we must realise the power we have being lucky enough to live in the Western world – especially when we stand together as women with a purpose.
Some more key lessons:

  • Men invented religion as they’ve never experienced the spirituality of a woman’s friendship  #yehtheydid
  • The public have a short memory – they won’t remember your failures if you just keep going – learn to get zen about your f ups
  • Every single day, the small simple things you do, add up to success – persistence is key

Magda’s speech was captivating, moving and weaved with the importance of all of us being more accepting of diversity.

Be like Magda. Face your demons.  Be brave.

Ash xx