Join WA's leading small business community for high-vibe female entrepreneurs

Get connected and respected, and fast-track your biz and personal growth alongside hundreds of welcoming powerhouse women in Perth and WA!

According to Jim Rohn, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with"

Take a look around you… are you surrounded by highly driven, successful biz owners who are squeezing every inch of goodness out of life?

If not, it’s time to intentionally create your circle of influence!

Enter >>> The Fusion Community

(affectionately known as the Fusion fam)

We are a ready-made group of hundreds of powerhouse women who are creating a life by design.

Building our dream businesses around:

  • our values
  • our preferred lifestyles
  • and our family schedules

Making good money, giving back, creating a legacy, and always putting relationships before profits

We are committed to building a warm, welcoming and high quality community, with a difference! 

Let us show you that our vision of REAL connection and friendships within a business network is completely possible.

If you've ever felt like:

  • You can't share your wins, because your friends (god love 'em) seem happy to keep complaining, and you don't want to be "that person"
  • You have nowhere to turn to ask a quick biz question, or vent about that tough client, or find a particular resource or contact.
  • The black sheep of society, and wondering if there is anyone out there like you?

Then we're here to tell you, that..YES

There ARE people out there exactly like you, who have said NO to the comfy day job, and are saying HELL YES to the more rewarding path of entrepreneurship.

We're right here, at Fusion.

Ready to meet you, to support you, to help your biz grow, to hear your advice, and to have deep soul convos with you.


IMAGINE feeling a true sense of belonging wash over you, like you’ve finally found your people.

Among the top-performers where you feel equally comfortable to be your true self,

and stretched to achieve more, simply by being in their company.

Because they are achieving extraordinary milestones in business, it helps you wake up and realise… SO CAN YOU.

When you catch up in-person it literally feels like the room is buzzing with all the high-vibe energy.

And instead of the normal icky convo of gossip and small talk – you get to talk about what’s sitting on your heart, what lights you up, and actually give back and HELP others with your experience and expertise.

Leaving you feeling UNSTOPPABLE.

Referrals and exciting collaborations are flying through the door, and your business has grown exponentially, because you’ve built beautiful and fulfilling friendships with these women, who now want to support you and your biz.

This is the power of being part of the right community

OUR community

YOUR community

But don't just take it from us,

here's how our members describe Fusion 👇

How does The Fusion Community work?

Real connection. Support on tap. Fast-track success.

Fun + welcoming events

We understand that the thought of networking can be very daunting, so over the past 5 years we have developed a unique signature event format which allows you to feel a sense of ease & comfort when coming alone to events, so that you arrive feeling warmly welcomed, and leave feeling deeply connected.

  • All new members get invited to an intimate new member meet & greet to fast-track your sense of belonging within our community
  • Skip the small talk, eliminate the awkwardness & actually enjoy growing your network
  • Be inspired by our keynote speakers, and learn from our expert panel events
  • Past speakers include Lorna Jane and Lisa Messenger
  • Enjoy priority access and discounted tickets
  • We also host fun "speed networking" events to generate opportunities for your biz, and get you connected QUICK!

*In-person events held every 6-8 weeks in Perth

NEW! Biz Secrets Exposed Interview Series

We are introducing a brand new high-vibe interview series, to share stories of successful business owners - from breakdown to breakthrough - to keep you inspired to continue chasing your dreams!

  • Watch from wherever you are, whenever works for you
  • PLUS get instant access to our member vault containing over 45+ past events, trainings and interviews, including the replay of our interview with Lorna Jane!

Facilitated Connections

We know you're ready to open your heart and make new expansive friendships, so we like to make this process as easy as possible for you!

  • We'll happily e-introduce you to another new member within the first few weeks of joining, so you can kickstart your network growth ASAP
  • Before each event you have the option to request to sit near another particular member so that you can get intentional about who you meet!
  • Our friendly event hosts are on hand to greet you at every event, it is their job to make sure you feel welcome as soon as you arrive, and introduce you to someone so you're not left on your own

Highly Engaged Facebook Group

The combination of in-person events and online interaction in our Facebook group makes for a beautifully connected community. This is a safe, encouraging and vulnerable space full of high-performing women who are also investing in themselves.

  • You're a couple of clicks away from getting access to one of the most engaged small biz Facebook groups
  • A place for you to set your monthly goals
  • Share your wins with people who get it
  • Trusted advice, words of wisdom, or encouragement available at your fingertips
  • Quickly find a resource, contact or recommendation
  • Monthly promo thread to share your biz with 350+

Get FEATURED to thousands

Get more eyes on your business and it has the potential to lead to new customers, collaborations, features, traffic, followers and ultimately business growth! Make your investment back (and more!) through this alone.

  • Complimentary listing on the Member Directory section of the Fusion website for 12 months - please note, an annual maintenance fee of $29 will be payable to keep your listing on our directory so we can keep it current and up to date
  • Opportunity to be featured in our member spotlight series on the Fusion website, social media platforms and newsletter

Join today for a one-off joining fee of $349 incl. GST*

*Please note, an annual $29 maintenance fee will be applicable if you would like to keep your profile active on our member directory

...get involved in the community, attend events, build authentic relationships, and you are guaranteed to make your investment back PLUS MORE within your first few months


Hey there, we've changed!

As of August 2021 we have switched from subscription based membership, to a one-off joining fee to become part of our community

Meaning you only have to invest once to get all the benefits of being part of Perth's kind-hearted community of high-vibe female entrepreneurs!

No lock in contracts. No ongoing membership fee. No having to cancel if things get tough.


Because the future vision of Fusion is to create a safe "entrepreneurial home" to support you through even the tough times, so you can feel fully supported by a likeminded community.

We are dedicated to cultivating a strong connected community and fostering a sense of belonging, to keep you motivated through the ups and downs, and provide you with the unwavering support to continue chasing your biz dreams.

Because we believe that businesswomen are the ones who change the world for the better. And you can't do it alone.

Ready to join the movement?

👇 What our Members are saying? 👇 

"A group of women who just want you to show up and be you" - Dilhari

"Joining has been one of the most invaluable things I've done for my business" - Tara

"One of the best investments I've made, both from a personal point of view, and for my business" - Narelle

"I have been blown away by the support from other local women in business. Fusion Biz Co is full of good vibes, high energy and the best bunch of chicks in business you will come across. If you are starting out, or even established in your business and are looking for like-minded women to bounce off, I highly recommend checking it out."

~ Jessie Parker, Borne Too

"I can say the best thing I invested in my startup business was joining Fusion Biz Co. I’ve made some really good friends, everyone’s genuinely interested in helping you and offering advice to help you grow. I always look forward to the events and I feel so energised afterwards."

~ Melinda McQueen, Studio McQueen 

"Fusion has made me feel included right from the word go. Ash goes out of her way to make you feel welcome and comfortable! This is a group of seriously amazing and inspiring women who support, help and celebrate each other at every opportunity. So stoked to be part of this family!"

~ Stephanie Gorton, Business Coach

“It’s a really positive environment, and it makes you feel less alone” - Elysia // Maple & Wren  

“A community of women doing similar things. People who understand what you’re going through” Diana Todd // Balance Tax 

“Everyone is just so supportive, and it’s FUN, you genuinely want to be there!” Rachel Dhanjal // Kinesiologist & Mindset Coach 

The Fusion Membership is super easy to get started, and at an affordable one-off joining fee of $349 incl. GST* is a no-brainer for any woman who is wired for success, and knows the value of surrounding herself with the right people

Click the button below to get started TODAY and be welcomed with open arms in our Facebook group in a matter of seconds!

*Please note, an annual $29 maintenance fee will be applicable if you would like to keep your profile active on our member directory

 FAQs 🤨  

 When are your events held?

Our member events are held at different times to accommodate all different schedules. Whether it is a weekday brekkie, weekend brunch, or evening sundowner, there is something for everyone!

Our online interviews are held during the week, but are available to watch at your convenience.

 Who is this community for?

The membership is for entrepreneurial minded women who are looking to LEVEL UP with a likeminded group of ladies, and make genuine connections.

Whether you're a solopreneur, creative, small biz owner, CEO, consultant, side-hustler, leader, or simply just looking to surround yourself with forward thinkers.

Oh... we also love a good laugh! And a cheeky wine 😋  

Who is this community NOT for:

Someone looking to make a quick sale. Whilst we know for a fact that members have gained business + referrals - that is just the icing on the cake, it is NOT the reason to join.

Our members join & stay for the friendships, support & motivation, and it is our #1 priority that it continues to remain that way.

We reserve the right to remove anyone who does not comply with our community rules and guidelines

Join Perth's high-vibe deep-soul community for just $349 incl. GST (...costs about one trip to the hairdresser!)

No lock in contract. No ongoing membership fees.

You could spend the next 6 months hiding behind your laptop, trying to grow your biz one Insta post at a time, continuing to pretend you don’t need a network and can do it all alone


You could join a ready-made group of welcoming high-vibe women, fast-track your biz growth by elevating your network, get a rock-solid mindset, learn from 6-7 figure business owners, AND have a new friend group to celebrate your inevitable success with 🥳

Where will you be 6 months from now?

"Every person is a new door to a different world"  

 "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" ~ Jim Rohn ~  

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing.. that's why we recommend it daily" ~ Zig Ziglar ~