If you love a soul-filling D&M chat, a cheeks-hurt belly laugh, and basking in BIG BIG energy, then welcome home, you’ve found your people.

We’re a warm and welcoming community for entrepreneurial women, where friendships come before business cards, and straightening each others crown is second nature.

*We currently host in-person events in Perth only, and are taking our Signature Networking Formula online in 2024 to connect female entrepreneurs across Australia  

Are you calling in your new business squad?

It’s not always easy to find other women who are as driven as you, and would prefer to talk goals and dreams, over what Sally-from-school did last weekend.

Who are open to the kind of epic conversations that crack you open and alter you in the best way possible.

Who are willing to commit to not just their success, but also to YOUR success, by openly sharing their knowledge, contacts, experiences & ideas.

And who are here for ALL OF YOU – the kinda women who confidently hold space on your shower-crying days, and pop bubbles when you score that big client!

If you’re craving this kind of high-vibe community, then it’s time you invest in levelling up your circle, beautiful!

You give so much to everyone else – your business, your customers, your family.

But you can’t pour from an empty cup.

It’s time to find your people, and recharge by being in the big big energy other growth-minded empire-building boss babes!

Does this sound like you?

  • You value connection and you’re looking for a group of bosses to share the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride with.
  • You have big goals, and you want to be surrounded by female entrepreneurs who are making waves and who inspire you to level up by being in their company.
  • You’d prefer to cut through the small talk and talk about what’s on your heart.
  • You want to keep your finger on the pulse and hear what’s working for other biz owners, plus share your own unique experiences and knowledge to help others
  • You want to make more MONEY and IMPACT by leveraging a powerful network of business friends
  • You want an injection of fresh energy into your life & biz
  • You’re not sure this “networking” thing is for you, or if you’d “fit in” but you know you need a bit of a shake up!
If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you and show how you absolutely belong with us!

We have two options for you to get involved

Whether you're simply looking to dip your toes into the networking pool and like to network with likeminded boss ladies across Australia from the comfort of your own couch, or if you're committed to your networking game in Perth and looking to build a strong support network to level up your circle, your business and your life!

Let us meet you where you're at, and support you as you expand to the next level:

Fusion Business Collective

A modern business networking community for female entrepreneurs across Australia to thrive and grow through the power of vulnerability, collaboration and community. Experience our Signature Networking Formula that has helped thousands of women feel at home, find new friends, and grow their business!


 Pre-sale access and discounted tickets to Fusion signature networking events (events held in Perth every 2-3 months)  

Access to our new Online Member Hub (and app!) where you can create your member profile, interact directly with other members, and see all upcoming events and past trainings.

Get your biz up in lights with a Member Profile in our highly searched Australian Female Founded Business Directory. Our directory is findable on Google and great for your website SEO!

Online networking sessions where you'll meet new open-minded entrepreneurs, expand your network Australia wide, mastermind solutions to your challenges; learn from inspiring change makers, and generate opportunities for your biz.

Lifetime access to our Private Member Facebook group to connect with hundreds of kind-hearted open-minded female entrepreneurs

$169 + GST (for 6 months)

Cancel anytime

Fusion VIP 


An elevated in-person networking experience designed to LEVEL UP your circle of influence, and light a fire under your biz through the power of connection! Through regular in-person events in Perth, you'll form faster and stronger friendships, generate more opportunities to grow your biz, and feel a sense a belonging and camaraderie with likeminded powerhouse women also investing in themselves & their network.


All Fusion Business Collective benefits PLUS 

At least TWO in-person VIP member only events in Perth every month (Included, no ticket purchase required)

Exposure opportunities to share your story & expertise to get visible (Speak at an event / feature on the BIZ SECRETS EXPOSED podcast / Member Spotlights)

Access to VIP Member Online Hub to help you solidify friendships, see past replays and upcoming events!

Member profile on our NEW Member directory

Access to our new training vault containing 50+ past events, masterclasses and interviews

$249 + GST (Per Quarter)

Cancel anytime, plus money back guarantee!

How do I know which is right for me?

The Fusion Business Collective is for you if:


1. You mainly want access to our online community, or you're only able to get to events in Perth every few months or so 

2. You want to expand your network with open minded entrepreneurs across Australia

3. You're looking for a more authentic online space where you can speak about the real challenges of entrepreneurship

4. You want to experience an intentional and loving business community and carve out intentional space for you, to support the woman behind the brand, 

Fusion VIP is for you if:

1. You want to build strong business relationships, and cultivate a beautiful sense of community in your life

2. You want more regular connection-based events with a deeper level of conversation

3. You're ready to fast-track your business growth through referrals, collaborations and other opportunities

4. You're not afraid of commitment, and love the idea of being part of a strong inner network of powerful women.

5. You want to walk into a Fusion event and feel like a VIP!

6. You want everyone to know who you are and what you do!


We are committed to building a warm, welcoming and high quality community, with a difference!

Let us show you how FUN it can be to grow your network, and that our vision of REAL connection and friendships within a business community is completely possible.

Outcome Focused

Don't get us wrong, we love a good chat and laugh, but we also know your time is valuable and if you're taking time away from the business it needs to be value packed and outcome focused.

Come with your challenges and we will mastermind solutions with you. Learn something new from our speakers and the conversations.

Meet your next referral, collaboration, biz bestie or customer! We promise you'll walk away from each event with something to help you and your business flourish!

Relationships before Sales

Fusion Biz Co. exists first and foremost to connect you with amazing women, doing incredible things. So that you can feel emotionally supported on this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship,

Authenticity is at the heart of everything we do and we encourage all our members to open their hearts and minds to new ideas and people, with zero expectation.

We find that sales come off the back of this genuine interaction (as it speeds up the know, like, trust factor) - but it's not the main reason our members join.

Warm & Welcoming

We proudly attract the most genuine, kind women, and Fusion is the perfect home for you if you are hoping to make new friendships with likeminded entrepreneurial women who will fully embrace you.

We know networking can be daunting, so we do everything we can to foster a warm and welcoming vibe, and encourage vulnerability and deeper conversations at every event, as this is what leads to true friendship.

This is the power of being part of the right community. Our Community. And now YOUR community.

IMAGINE feeling a true sense of belonging wash over you, like you’ve finally found your people.
Among the top-performers where you feel equally comfortable to be your true self,
and stretched to achieve more, simply by being in their company.

Because they are achieving extraordinary milestones in business, it helps you wake up and realise… SO CAN YOU.
When you catch up in-person it literally feels like the room is buzzing with all the high-vibe energy.
And instead of the normal icky convo of gossip and small talk – you get to talk about what’s sitting on your heart, what lights you up, and actually give back and HELP others with your experience and expertise.
Leaving you feeling UNSTOPPABLE.

Referrals and exciting collaborations are flying through the door, and your business has grown exponentially, because you’ve built beautiful and fulfilling friendships with these women, who now want to support you and your biz.

What our Members are saying?

"I travel a 10 hour round trip to make it to Fusion events."

Em Gee - Marketing & Mindset Coach

"Just like hanging out with friends. A huge milestone for me as an introvert"

Dr Susannah Piek - Conscious Money Mentor

"A group of women who genuinely want to see you succeed"

Elysia - Maple & Wren

"Joining has been one of the most invaluable things I've done for my business"

Tara - Black Lash Makeup

"One of the best investments I've made, both from a personal point of view, and for my business"


"Everyone is just so supportive, and it’s FUN, you genuinely want to be there!"

Rachel Dhanjal // Kinesiologist & Mindset Coach