[INTERVIEW] Lauren + Elena of Those Girls Beverage Co


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Founder of Fusion Biz Babes, Ashley, interviews Lauren & Elena – the founders of Those Girls Beverage Co. and Melbourne based entrepreneurs.

Those Girls share their story of ups and downs since diving into the business world 3 years ago with zero experience, including their Shark Tank appearance!

We also talk about:

  • How a light bulb idea over a cup of chai tea grew from a side hustle hobby business, into now being their full-time job, as well as hiring employees in Queensland, NSW and Victoria!
  • The things that tripped them up in the beginning and how they overcame those obstacles
  • How they secured $70k funding from Shark Steve Baxter on the SHARK TANK! And how the producers walked out on them during their original pitch
  • Creating the perfect tea by trying out over 100 different recipes!

More about Lauren & Elena:

Once upon a time in Melbourne 2 little (and very adorable) girls were born. They had a strong passion for tea that only got stronger as they grew older. They spent their childhoods attending every tea party that was on offer. And when no tea parties were on offer they would host their own. One summer when the temperatures got too high to handle the two girls had to make their teas over ice to keep all their friends cool. Their friends loved the new iced teas and the more tea parties they hosted the more the word spread of their magical teas. People began to travel far and wide just to taste their iced teas. The two girls grew up to be Lauren & Elena, also known as ‘Those Girls’ who make the amazing iced teas.

More about Those Girls Beverage Co:

Those Girls sell delicious & refreshing iced teas over summer, and are the market leaders in Australia for non-alcoholic New York inspired hot apple cider. Find out more at thosegirls.com.au

Enjoy! Once you’ve had a chance to listen in make sure you let us know your biggest take away in the comments!

Video not your thing!?  Listen to the audio file: