[INTERVIEW] Kerrie Allen – Serial Entrepreneur and Perth Girlbosses co-creator

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Founder of Fusion Biz Babes, Ashley, interviews Kerrie – owner of 3 Perth based businesses – Gameface HQ, ControlFreak and Guerilla Establishment.

We talk about:

  • How Kerrie had a complete career change in her early 30’s – it’s never too late to start something new!
  • The turning point that made her realise it was time to make the leap from the day job, and her journey to find what she loved doing
  • We also talk about Kerrie’s 3 different types of businesses – one service based, one product based, and one not for profit.
  • Her interesting strategy for dealing with self-doubt, and a habit that helps her focus – you’ll love it!

More about Kerrie:

Kerrie is a self confessed donut addict, non coffee drinker (it’s been a long 12 months stone cold sober) with over 20 years business and management experience in a variety of industries.

From childhood she has always found it hard to accept “because that’s how it is” – always questioning “why?” and pushing to be answered.

Kerrie’s current focus is empowering business owners to think beyond “other people’s rules” and play by their own. Whether it is developing brand confidence or an accountability partnership.  Excuses are left at the door, boundaries are pushed and change is made.

Her “superpower” is listening to you talk about your biz, identifying your areas of strength and weakness and then injecting you with all the support you need to convert it into something amazing.

Find out more about Kerrie’s businesses:

Enjoy! Once you’ve had a chance to listen in make sure you let us know your biggest take away in the comments!




  • Learn how to listen to your customers and what the market wants, and PIVOT your business when required. Don’t get too stuck on ONE thing that you don’t see when a change to your product or service is being called for.
  • Seek to work with people who you believe in, doing the work you love, and you will find things will be more natural and flow better.
  • Genuine connection is a brilliant marketing “strategy”. Let your behaviour do the talking – get out into your community, be genuine and helpful, expect nothing. And it will come back tenfold.
  • Identify the people you need to meet (even people who are doing similar things to you) and see what’s working, what’s not, and where you can come into the market and add the most value.
  • Look at the big picture, what is the end goal? Get clear on that and then step it back so you can see the pathway.  Make sure to celebrate the mini goals achieved along the way as it will help you realise the progress you’re making.
  • It is normal to expect a 3-4 year turnaround before a business finds itself and starts making proper money. Be patient.