In The Hot Seat Interview | Katrena Friel from Refresh Your Thinking


I had the pleasure of interviewing Katrena Friel from Refresh Your Thinking – an international keynote speaker, fully qualified award winning corporate trainer, therapist, facilitator, executive coach and award winning author of 4 books!

Katrena is a trainer, coach and an Executive consultant. She incorporates three key aspects to her trainings, one being life-transforming skills, training and professional development programs as well as professional coaching and mentoring.

In this interview I chat to Katrena about how she got started in business, her tough lessons learned along the way, and what’s working for her today:

  • How to look for and embrace the learnings from every hard lesson you will inevitably face
  • The due diligence to do before you invest in your professional and personal development
  • Katrena’s go-to marketing strategy that works every time
  • The importance of keeping your database on point, and the function of a good CRM for your business
  • Beginner tips on publishing your very own book! 🙌🏻
  • Katrena’s “triangle” 7 sources of income

Don’t forget to claim your free strategy session with Katrena at www.becomingtheexpertprogram.com

Enjoy! Once you’ve had a chance to listen in make sure you let us know your biggest take away in the comments!