In The Hot Seat Interview | Elyse Daniels – Exodus Wear

Super excited to release this interview with with Elyse Daniels – owner of multi-million dollar business Exodus Wear and the woman who managed to get Justin Bieber to wear her one of her jackets!

Elyse started her business at the tender age of 21.  Today, she is still under 30 years of age and is at the helm of a multi-million dollar company with her range of custom apparel in over 300 schools & sporting groups and exciting plans for international expansion in the near future.

In this interview hear how Elyse kick started her biz by pure hustle, and:

  • How she overcame some BIG biz obstacles and still came out on top
  • The different between sales and marketing and how to convert leads into sales
  • How Elyse built a sales process to get customers to COMMIT!
  • Her lesson in not putting all your eggs in one basket
  • And of course… how she got Justin Bieber to wear her jackets!

Thanks Elyse for the great interview and sharing such GOLD with us!

Make sure you share your biggest take-away in the comments! xx