[INTERVIEW] Arabelle Yee | International Speaker & High Performance Coach

If there ever was an interview to watch, make it this one!

We are very lucky to have Arabelle KZ Yee on the show, to share with us her journey from corporate into super-successful International Speaker and High Performance Coach.

Arabelle is my business coach and I attribute much of my business success with Fusion, to her helping me with my mindset to tackle the self-doubt demons, as well as giving me very smart business strategy advice, and sometimes giving me a kick up the butt when needed.

In this interview we talk about:

  • The importance of living in accordance to your values and aligning your business to those values
  • Arabelle’s experience of facing a personal crisis, being left with $1,500 in the bank, how she overcame that, knuckled down and came out on top within 2 months
  • How to TRUST in the process and embrace the challenges
  • The importance of Visualisation, journalling and meditation for your sanity!

As an internationally recognised Speaker, Life & Business Strategist and High Performance Coach, Arabelle helps individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals become the best at what they do through the power of mindset.

“A cross between Elizabeth Gilbert and Tony Robbins”, as her peers would say, Arabelle teaches Leadership, Mindset, Human Behaviour and how to optimise

Connect with Arabelle here: www.arabelleyee.com

Enjoy! Once you’ve had a chance to listen in make sure you let us know your biggest take away in the comments!