I was in struggle town…


At the start of this year I was in struggle town.  I had all these brilliant ideas to take my biz to the next level but I couldn’t concentrate on any one thing.

An email would arrive in my inbox saying I NEED to be doing video marketing.

Then I’d see a blog post saying snapchat is the next biggest thing that I simply MUST be on to make an impact.

Or I’d be listening to a podcast explaining that guest posting is the absolute BEST way to drive traffic back to my site.

I was so overwhelmed and information overloaded that I ended up just procrastinating on everything.  Hello binge Netflix, or one too many drinks with friends on the weekend.  Making myself feel better by calling it a “balanced” lifestyle.

One day I remember vividly, I was sitting on the train on the way home from my desk job, feeling miserable that I had just sat in back to back useless meetings all day.

I was mindlessly scrolling through facebook (when I probably should have been doing something productive for my biz) when Arabelle Yee popped up into my newsfeed.

I used to work with Arabelle in her past corporate life and now I see she had built her biz to huge success in (what looked like) only a couple of short years.

I knew it was time to stop making excuses and take ACTION.

So I filled out my deets on her website for a free discovery call and whalaaa next minute she was my uber successful mentor/biz coach giving me much needed clarity on the exact steps I should take in order to finally get some traction in my biz.

Now I can’t procrastinate or Arabelle will kick my butt, and I have clear direction and purpose which is helping me build my biz to a point where I can say bye bye to my desk job FOREVER!

If there’s one tip I can give that helped me get through struggle town these past few months, it would be to take ACTION.

Get HELP, whether it is hiring a biz coach, or surrounding yourself with likeminded biz babes at one of our events, or investing in yourself by buying an online course.

Just DO something.

Do you have any tips on how to pull yourself out of struggle town?  Share in the comments below!

Ash x