I quit my day J.O.B


I walked out of that high rise building in the middle of Perth CBD feeling about 1,000kg lighter.

I swear people walking past me thought I was a weirdo with a huge laugh-like smile from ear to ear. I stopped short of doing a heel click as I skipped out of there #totesshouldof

That was Friday 6th October 2017. D-Day. The day I became my own boss.

This is one of the most important blog posts I will ever write. Because for so long I thought this was out of reach for me.

Freedom had been my BHAG goal for the best part of FIVE loooonng years. I thought about it every.single.day without fail.

I heard of people all around me escaping the 9-5 rat race and living life on their terms, but I just couldn’t seem to get there. Something was holding me back, but it was invisible… I couldn’t figure it out.

I was doing all the right things – listening to podcasts, subscribing to email lists, reading all the business books I could get my hands on, buying courses.

But STILL I couldn’t get my biz to a point where I felt it was time to exit the rat race. To leave the stuffy office, unimportant work, and awkward water cooler small talk behind.

What the F was wrong with me!?

Then one day I was on jam-packed train flicking through facebook and my old work colleague popped up into my newsfeed – she had ESCAPED and built her coaching business to a point where she clearly was living her dream.

It was a sign.

Right there and then, squashed between two stuffy middle-aged suits, I registered for a free discovery call, already knowing I was going to work with Arabelle.

NEVER underestimate the power of the mind.

I didn’t realise fear was holding me back as much as it was. I was afraid of putting my real self out there, of being rejected, of failing.

Let’s have a chuckle. Here are some of the fears or limiting beliefs that were holding back old-Ash 🙄


  • Sending an email to my list – people who had actually signed up to hear more!! What if someone unsubscribes!? What if someone doesn’t agree with me!? FEAR.
  • Looking young – who is going to take me seriously when I have a baby face? Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say? FEAR.
  • Lack mentality – it’s all been done & said before, and they’re so much better than me 😭 There’s not enough room for me in the market. FEAR.
  • Perfection – I can’t launch yet, I just need to put this 268th finishing touch on and then it will be ready. FEAR.
  • Facebook lives. Ok I’m still a little scared of this one, but I am putting my fear in the passenger seat and doing it anyway.

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry – there is a way through!

Uncovering these limiting beliefs was the first step on the road to freedom.

It is definitely an ongoing journey of controlling these fears and ensuring I make decisions from LOVE not FEAR, but I want to share with you the things that continue to help me make the right choices.

Feel the fear and do it anyway:

Fear is a good thing. It is the minds way of trying to keep us safe. When your fear or limiting belief pops up, the first thing to do is recognise that it is just a thought pattern – not your reality, and use your conscious mind to put a lens over it.

I would ask what is the worst that could happen? Realise that the world will not end, even if the unlikely worst possible outcome did eventuate. And then take just 5 minutes of action towards that thing I was scared of.

A funny thing happens when you take action – your fear starts to take a back seat. Try it. It works.

In order to uncover and conquer my fears and deep beliefs, I have tried and continue to practise A LOT of things, including: meditation, reiki, journaling, countless self-help books, gratitude, and most recently kinesiology and tapping.

It is a constant journey. The point is not to banish all of our fears, rather to recognise the fear and do it anyway.

Find your tribe:

Telling you now, I would not have had the guts to quit my job if it weren’t for my community of biz friends who supported me, believed in me, and showed me what was possible.

I vividly remember someone who I met at my Fusion events, who is now a good friend, telling me that I was NOT to accept the contract extension being offered – it was time to go all in. (you know who you are – thank you)

When all my other friends and family were trying to keep me safe in saying it was a good idea to keep the job for a little while longer. They love me, I get it.

But it is your friends in the business world who will be the ones to tell you what you NEED to hear, help you kick those goals, and be there – pom-poms in hand – to celebrate on your level when you finally do.

What now?

Now that I’ve put fear in the passenger seat and achieved my ultimate goal of freedom?

My mission is to make a difference in the lives of other biz babes, by sharing the biz growth and mindset hacks that I learned and continue to learn from all those books, podcasts, courses, coaches, email lists and my own experiences as full-time biz babe.

And by continuing to bring us all together – because we are stronger together than we are alone.

Ash x

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