Build a solid community of businesswomen around you, to support you as you take your business to the next level

An intimate in-person peer mastermind and business networking group right here in Perth

Community | Peer Mentorship | Accountability | Planning | Up-skilling | Fun Experiences


Are you calling in your new business squad?

It's not always easy to find other business owners who are as hungry as you, and always striving for that next level.

Who are open to the kind of epic conversations that crack you open and alter you in the best way possible.

And who are willing to commit to not just their success, but also to YOUR success, by openly sharing their knowledge & experiences, supporting you through challenges, and celebrating your wins

If you're craving this kind of high-level tight-knit community, then it's time you invest in levelling up your circle to get around the best.

You give so much to everyone else - your staff, your customers, your family!

But you can't pour from an empty cup.

It's time to find your people, and recharge by being in the energy other women business owners and leaders.

Does this sound like you?

You value in person connection and you're looking for a new group of bosses to share the entrepreneurial ride with.

You’re leading an established business you’ve thrown your heart and soul in to, and now that you’ve reached a level of stability and success, you're much more excited to be working ON your biz, rather than IN it.

You have big goals, and you want to be surrounded by female CEO’s and leaders who are making waves and who inspire you to level up by being in their company.

You love cutting through the small talk and having BIG conversations about high-level business growth and personal challenges & success.

You want to keep your finger on the pulse and hear what's working for other biz owners, plus share your unique experiences and knowledge to help others

You’re sick of Zoom calls and ready to get out and meet actual people IRL!

You want an injection of some fresh energy into your life & biz

If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you!


CORE Business Club

by Fusion Biz Co.

An intimate and expansive peer mastermind and networking group to help you level up, smash your goals and feel part of something.

Shall we save a seat at the table for you?


Intentionally surround yourself with other high-vibe growth-minded powerhouse women, leverage the collective sisterhood, and success is inevitable

Outcome Focused

Don't get us wrong, we love a chat, but we also know your time is valuable and if you're taking time away from the business it needs to be value packed and outcome focused. Set your goals, be kept accountable. Come with your challenges and your squad will mastermind solutions with you. No more dealing with those tough customers and staff issues by yourself.

Designed for leaders

As the CEO of your business you face unique challenges and these require a different kind of support experience. CORE Business Club provides the intimate space you've been looking for to network with CEO's and leaders like you, have the soul filling conversations you've been craving, and feel fully supported as you expand your capacity as a leader.

Intimate + Exclusive

Has networking fallen off the priority list since you seen some success in business? We understand that at this stage in business you're looking for something a little more exclusive, a little more intimate. You want to make sure you're sharing vulnerably with the right people, that the confidentiality is tight. That the people you are building intentional relationships with are actually going to help you achieve your vision - through their networks, knowledge, experience and proximity! Max 30 ladies in CORE.


"Running a business can be a lonely thing, and having a community of people on the same journey whom you can trust to give you solid feedback is gold! "

~ Carmen, Joyful Digital Co.

"I love being part of a group of ambitious women! Go getters who take risks and are so passionate about their businesses. I leave feeling energised, inspired, and part of a tribe"

- Ezereve, Champagne Agency

"My favourite thing is having 2 hrs a fortnight carved out to focus on the running of my business whilst spending time with women who are wanting to do the same. Gaining experiences and advice from people who are at arms length from what I do is invaluable"

- Tara, Blacklash MUA


This is an all inclusive in-person mastermind experience, designed to build strong connections, generate exciting opportunities for your business, form mutually beneficial relationships and expand into your next level.

Fortnightly CORE Mastermind Sessions

Meet with your dedicated intimate group of female business owners for fortnightly in-person mastermind sessions where you can bring your goals and challenges to the table; have stimulating conversations, and form strong genuine relationships with powerhouse women, built on mutual respect. Share your knowledge. Set goals. Be kept accountable.

Quarterly CEO Workshop

Every quarter spend a day learning and up-skilling workshop style with expert coaches – learn advanced business strategies and network with other high performing businesswomen.

Quarterly 90 Day Planning

At the start of each quarter, strategically plan your next 90 days in line with the highest vision for your life and business alongside the high vibe energy of CEO's. Get their fresh perspectives to inspire you to think bigger and mastermind ways you can get there.

Quarterly Co-working Afternoons

Once a quarter, after your CORE Inner Circle, get sh*t done alongside powerhouse business owners. State your to-do's, get to work, smash your task list amongst the high vibe energy!

Bi-Annual Celebration

Every six months we'll throw a party to celebrate all your success! Let your hair down with your fellow CORE Business Clubbers, and celebrate everything you've achieved so far on this crazy ride of entrepreneurship together.


  • Access to CORE Business Club Facebook group to keep the connecting going with your new biz squad in between meetings
  • Access to all Fusion Biz Co. member benefits ++ extra discounted Fusion "member" event ticket types
  • Invitation to be interviewed for BIZ SECRETS EXPOSED podcast to share your biz journey and gain exposure thousands of small business owners
  • Featured profile on Fusion member directory to get in front of people actually looking for your service
  • Join today and receive access to recordings of past CORE trainings: Facebook Ads Workshop with Ail Rab; Craft Your Irresistible Offer with Kate De Jong; Online Funnels Masterclass with Carmen Tseng; Systemise & Delegate your Business - by Jacinta Di Prinzio


  • 10 x CORE Inner Circle meet-ups - valued @ $1,497
  • 2 x CEO workshops - valued @ $997
  • 2 x Co-working Afternoons - valued @ $497
  • 2 x 90-day planning sessions - valued @ $297
  • 1 x party with your CORE squad - valued @ $297
  • Fusion Biz Co member benefits - valued @ $349
  • A strong support system giving you the courage to bring your vision to life - PRICELESS
  • Access to high performing business women with strategic connections - PRICELESS

With CORE Business Club you're getting $4k worth of value, and that's not even counting the new biz besties you'll get, plus the referrals, customers, collaborations that come from being part of a network of high performing businesswomen.

But that’s NOT what your investment in this community is

CORE Business Club is just $249/month
with a 6 month minimum commitment


Pop your deets below to book in a call with CORE Business Club creator, Ash Matkovic... your first step to building a strong inner circle of businesswomen who have your back

"CORE Business Club is so much more than a networking organisation. It's a conscious gathering of business women who are all attending with intention, with drive and with an open mind and heart to business growth and personal development.

They're also women who are heavily invested in each others successes within the group. CORE is a place where not just the wins are shared, but where the questions are answered, experiences are shared, vulnerabilities are validated and business problems are brainstormed for solutions.

This is well worth my time and my money. I spend more on the family's takeaway, it is excellent value for money. This membership does SO Much for my business that I could not do alone.
I cannot recommend CORE Business Club enough."

- Mandy The Acupuncturist

"I was a bit dubious and nervous to join, but I'm really glad I did because there is so much strength in being part of a group."

- Nicole, Forensic HR



We've got A's for your Q's

How do I know if CORE Business Club is right for me?

You have a proven business model, and are drawing a regular wage from your business. You are ready to light a fire under your business and you're sick of riding the highs and lows all by yourself. You love real human connection and are dedicated to your personal and professional growth. You are solution-focused, open-minded and ready & willing to share your knowledge, contacts and ideas - and receive the same in return from your cohort. You're someone who sees this as an investment in your personal and business growth.

Still not sure? Apply today and let's chat.

When and where are the meet-ups and events held?

The fortnightly CORE circles and CORE Expansion Days are all held during business/school hours at a central location. The bi-annual celebration will be held after hours on a weekday evening or weekend, however you will be given plenty of notice to organise a baby/dog/hubby sitter!

Will I be with the same group of people all the time?

You will be with the same group of businesswomen (max 30 women in your cohort) allowing you to form strong mutually beneficial relationships

When can I get started?

Apply today and kick off straight away! We have a few spots left for our current cohort.

What happens after I apply?

After you submit your info you'll be directed to a Calendly form where you can book a call with Fusion Biz Co. Founder Ashley Matkovic. You'll then organise a time for an interview where we will find out more about you and your specific goals, and you can ask us any questions you have about CORE. Completely obligation free.

Do I have to pay anything extra once I have signed up?

Nope! All CORE experiences are included in your monthly payment of $249 (incl. GST) Note: This does not include Fusion Biz Co. events  

Is there exclusivity of profession?

CORE club does not allow for exclusivity of profession, however we do have a quota for certain industries. CORE is very much a relationship based and growth community (rather than just a place to come for referrals or customers). We firmly believe in collaboration over competition, and that there is enough success to go around for everyone.  

Is attendance mandatory?

Attendance is not mandatory however the more you show up, the more you get out of a community like this!

What happens after the first 6-months?

You have options! You are most welcome to stay on and continue, and the $249/month will just keep rolling until you decide to cancel. Or you can bid farewell by letting us know your intent to cancel within 14 days, but we will miss you!