[CASE STUDY] How Vanessa Went From Tired & Uninspired to Running Her Own Marketing Consulting Business

Do you feel tired and uninspired in the day-to-day running of your business?

Sometimes it can be very lonely, with no-one to talk to who truly understands how we’re feeling.  After all, we chose to start this business, if we start complaining to family and friends they won’t get it.

One of our Biz Babe members, Vanessa had just returned to work after taking a year off to have a baby, and was feeling tired and uninspired at work.  This case study will document her journey from feeling tired and uninspired, to now running her own successful marketing consultancy – Vivacity Marketing – including the role that Fusion Biz Babes played in Vanessa’s transformation.

Feeling tired and uninspired…

After returning to her corporate career, post having a baby, Vanessa could just not find her mojo.  She was feeling tired & uninspired – being a corporate high flyer in the marketing world was not what it used to be. Juggling motherhood and a career was a struggle and she was craving more time with her daughter.  The hours before and after the 9-5 were not cutting it.

She knew there was another way, so she re-launched her first part time business (PTV Personal Training) and started to make some money on the side.

I always say Vanessa is Fusion Biz Babes number 1 fan as she always makes an effort to attend the events, and I have not met anyone who better understands the value of genuine connections with other biz babes, as well as continuous learning to improve herself, and her business.

“Despite sleep deprivation I hauled myself along to the Fusion Biz Babes breakfast in South Perth Yacht Club in May 2016. And straight away I forgot all about my tiredness and sleepless nights, as the setting was breathtaking and I had an amazing table of women that I met with on the day. Even though I went to this event alone, the atmosphere was so warm and welcoming any fears I had soon slipped away. Lanna Hill spoke at this first event and I was blown away with her and how professional she was, and able to stand up in front of the room of ladies and share her business coaching knowledge with us, which was invaluable.”

Although Vanessa started to come to the Fusion Biz Babe events for her personal training business – in July 2017 she launched her own marketing consultancy business, Vivacity Marketing!  So it has been a huge journey for Vanessa.  Finding herself after going from corporate, to being a Mum, to starting a side hustle, and now running a full time successful marketing agency.

“God, everything has changed since that first Fusion event!  I lost my identity completely after becoming a Mum, but after doing lots of personal development in the past 2 years, I’m back! But I know that I am finally exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.”

Vanessa was one of the very first members in the Biz Babe Membership when it launched in March 2017 – told you, number 1 fan!  Since then, she has been exposed to many great speakers and inspirational ladies.

“Fusion Biz Babes has introduced me to so many other women in business who are a fast becoming friends and confidants.  I learn all the time from these driven talented ladies and I am inspired by all the success in the group.”

Vanessa has met the following ladies (amongst many others) through Fusion Biz Babes who she now either does business with, or calls great friends:

  • Lanna Hill from One Small Step Business Coaching – now her Business Coach
  • Diana Todd from Balance Tax Accounting – now her Accountant
  • Brooke Vivoda from Villa Management – whipped her Instagram into shape
  • Rachel Dhanjal (Stress & Anxiety Specialist) – now her Kineseologist
  • Kerrie Allen from Gameface HQ – Control Freak planner
  • Samantha Fake from White Rapture – “She was at my table at the very first event and she spoke to me about the benefits of having a business coach and surrounding yourself with a mentor group!”

Vanessa kept attending the Fusion events imagining she would be a speaker one day – able to share her marketing knowledge to help small business owners… and in August 2017 she was able to do just that! Vanessa graced the stage at our very own signature Fusion Biz Babe event – here she is totally owning the stage and sharing her “7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success”!  She was also able to launch her marketing planning workshop at the event which helped kick-start her new business Vivacity Marketing.


“I guess I was kind of lost before Fusion Biz Babes, with many aspects of my business, as I didn’t understand the benefits of having a business coach, a great accountant, or a business plan. By implementing all of these into my business rather than just coasting from month to month I am now seeing results and growing.  Fusion Biz Babes has helped me to get my confidence in myself and my abilities back, realise that anything is possible, and helped me build amazing professional and personal friendships with the other women in the membership.

I love knowing that we are all on the roller coaster ride of owning a business together.  Being able to learn from other business owners. And being able to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. The Biz Babe group is very warm and friendly and easy to participate in.  Everyone genuinely wants to help each other and see each other succeed, that is rare to find.”

Thank you Vanessa! xx

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