[CASE STUDY] Erica’s Business Mindset Shift from Negative-Nancy to “I GOT THIS!”

Do you struggle with staying in a positive mindset for your business?

It can be an absolute minefield – one minute you’re on cloud nine as you just made a big sale, and literally a few hours later you come crashing down to reality as the fear & negative self-talk starts creeping in.

Starting your own business is the best personal development journey you can ever embark on.  It’s not easy, but boy can it be rewarding!

That’s why it is a MUST to continuously find a way to get on top of that negative self-talk.  If you let it take over, it can be de-motivating and lead to stopping you in your tracks.  But the world needs your talent!

Our Biz Babe member, Erica – owner of Baked by Erica – knows firsthand that the struggle is real. This case study will show how her cookie empire had blossomed since finding ways to combat that negative Nancy inside her head, and transform her attitude to “I can do it” and “I got this!”  As well as her “Shameless By Erica” tour which has led to brilliant opportunities to expand her business.

Where it all began

Erica was working for a large mining company in WA, which wasn’t really floating her boat.  She was making cookies for her co-workers and they always mentioned how AMAZING they were.  So in 2016 the idea for her business Baked By Erica was born.

So from the mines, to the kitchen she went. Her recipe for delicious soft cookies (in a variety of flavours with gluten, dairy and egg free options) was perfected and the hustle began!

After leaving her 9-5 the negative-Nancy set in…

Erica struggled with feeling like a:

“hermit loser because I worked from home and didn’t hang with actual people most of the working week.”

Sound familiar?! Yep!  It was hard to pull herself out of the negative mindset without any outside influence or business support system.

Even though it felt daunting, Erica attended the Fusion Biz Babes 2017 International Women’s Day breakfast at Isle of Voyage in March 2017 and from there, decided to join the membership.

“Since then the business is more consistent and established but I think it’s more so my confidence that has changed. I no longer feel like I am all alone in this journey or go into an event wary of whether or not I will have anyone to talk to or anything to say. Being part of the Biz Babe community has without a doubt made me more confident in myself and my business endeavours.”

I remember sitting across the table from Erica at a Biz Babe catch up – when she saw an Instagram DM, dropped her phone in shock, and let out a little shriek.

She had just received a “CONGRATULATIONS” message from Kenwood Australia. She had made it to the Top 10 of the #kenwoodcooksco competition, and won an all-expenses paid trip to Sydney for their masterclass weekend – HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

“If I didn’t have the Fusion Biz Babe Community I don’t think I would have been so brazen and confident”

Erica’s confidence grew so much that she started a “Shameless By Erica” tour (her words!) to raise funds to attend the Curtin Ignition Growth program, a one week intensive entrepreneurship program.  She has built amazing relationships in the Perth community and her genuine nature allowed her to raise the funds needed to attend that course and see the results in her business – it pays to have brazen confidence!

There is no room for self-doubt and fear holding you back if you are serious about achieving your dreams.

Baked by Erica has seen massive success since launch in 2016, she is now stocked in many shops around Perth, and attends regular weekend markets.

“In all seriousness, Fusion Biz Babes has been a great avenue for business information and networking but also for meeting like-minded ladies who are driven and dedicated – who understand the ups, downs and everything in between of being a business owner. A number of fellow Biz Babe members have also helped the business grow – with advice and recommendations (some even ordering lots of cookies).

The Biz Babe Membership is an all-round business “support group” (as my step daughter calls it) – it helps with sanity and also the things that matter in terms of business metrics – the $!”

Thank you Erica! xx


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