About Us

Welcome To

Fusion Biz Co

She wanted to create space to talk about real issues

To share wins with people who understand the pure grit it takes to run a small business.

  • ZIt started with small coffee catch ups
  • Z…and quickly expanded to sold out breakfasts with guest speakers
  • Z……then the membership launched in 2017 with 52 founding members
Today, the membership is full of hundreds of powerhouse women who feel part of a unique family-like community.

We’ve since:

  • ZHosted hundreds of events
  • ZConnected thousands of women
  • ZBeen the catalyst for countless collaborations, new biz ideas and friendships
The Fusion stage has been graced by some of Australia’s leading businesswomen – including Lorna Jane Clarkson, and Lisa Messenger.

We’re also big on giving back

We’ve raised over $15k for a range of women’s charities, such as The Esther Foundation, Dress for Success, Share the Dignity, Happiness Co and Red Cross.

Because empowered women, empower women.

And we’re only just getting started.

Come join the family, and ride the waves of entrepreneurship alongside people who get it.

“When you find your people, you have the unshakable confidence to stand in your power and make the waves you were born to make”

Ash Matkovic
Founder, Fusion Biz Co.


When you put your trust in us by joining our community, we promise to:
  • Z Make you feel like you belong
  • ZIntroduce you to next level ambitious women who actually want to get to know you, not just sell you their sh*t
  • ZDrive real conversations, over boring small talk
  • ZRaise your vibration (after all, you’re the average of the 5 people you spend time with!)
  • ZProvide inspiration on tap leaving you bursting motivation to make things happen