Hi, I’m Ash!

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, …but I had no idea where to start.

I don’t come from a family of business owners, and none of my friends had started a business before.

All I wanted to do was talk about success morning routines, and business marketing strategies – but I was met with glazed over eyes.

So I tried to find a group of people that thought like me.

That wanted to live an extraordinary life on their own terms. And not settle for a comfy day job, and to live for the weekend. But I couldn’t find them anywhere.

I could only find old school networking groups, filled with business cards being shoved in my face, and inauthentic conversations.

So I got intentional about it, and started asking businesswomen I admired for coffee dates. My soul lit up, sitting across from these women. We would sit there in the cafe for hours, and still never run out of things to say. It was the deep soul conversation I’d been craving.

Slowly but surely I accumulated a group of driven women friends who I could turn to:

  • ZTo share my challenges with
  • ZWho would celebrate my wins as if they were their own
  • ZWho opened my mind up to the success that was possible
  • ZWho shattered my limiting beliefs

Once I had my support network in place, my business soared.

  • Z I quit my day job and finally realised my ultimate dream of FREEDOM
  • Z I grew my business to 6-figures
  • ZI got offered my own radio show, which I am now turning into a podcast
  • ZAnd I flew my biz idol, Lorna Jane, over to Perth to interview her LIVE onstage in front of 200 people!

Fusion is the ready-made community of high-vibe supportive women that I wish existed when I first started out in business.

You are one click away from being part of a movement of women who are blazing their own path.

Will you join us?


I’m a girl mum!

which has made my purpose even more clear… to empower women to make the ripples of change they want to see in the world, so we can make it a better place for the next generation

I am a natural introvert

that was the part of the reason I started Fusion, to create a warm and welcoming space for other people like me who hate walking into a room full of strangers

I am a serial business starter

some of my biz ventures include: gourmet nut & chocolate biz; Facebook ad consulting (still do this a bit); running mind/body/soul events; multiple network marketing (so not for me); lemonade stall (when I was 7 of course ha!)

I may look about 12, but I am actually 35

I can thank my Mum for my baby face genes!