A Powerful Marketing Strategy for Start-Up Biz Babes

Is your marketing budget less than your daily coffee budget?

It’s all good don’t stress!  And DEFINITELY DO NOT under any circumstances cut your coffee budget 😂🙅 #coffeeislife

Instead, I want to share a marketing strategy that has the potential to have clients and customers knocking at your door, without breaking the bank… or having to forego caffeine.

And it’s all in the name of value, collaboration, and relationships.

Let me start from the beginning. I call it the “piggy-back method” and it is actually really simple.

Basically, find a complementary business to yours, and strike up a win-win-win agreement (WIN for them, WIN for customers, WIN for you!)  👏 wins all round!

Simples right!? Ok, let me explain.

The key is finding businesses who already have a solid client base, and offering your complementary product or service for their customers.

The deal sweetener?  Offer to pay that business a percentage of the profits you make from their customers.

After all, you never would have had those customers if it weren’t for them! Think of it as AfterPay marketing as you already have the client!  It eliminates the gamble of paying for advertising that might never bring you any business.

Let me break it down into a step-by-step action plan so you can implement and start injecting some extra profit into your biz TODAY!




Make a list of businesses that have a similar target market, and a complementary (but not competing) service or product offering.  For example, if you are a Facebook Ads expert, you could list website designers, social media managers, graphic designers, business coaches.


Contact the decision maker in each company, introduce yourself, briefly explain what you do, and ask if they’d be open to a face to face meeting to discuss how you can potentially work together to bring extra value to their customers.


You’re in! Time to get to business 😃 This is where it gets juicy, and you can REALLY get creative.

For each business that has expressed interest in exploring how you can work together, what service or product could you offer their customers that would complement what they are already providing?  Each arrangement could be different.


Walk into the meeting with a solid no-brainer offer. If you can add massive value to their existing customers with a service they do not provide in house, and in the process make them some extra $$ by giving them a commission – how can they say no!?

Hope this little piggy-back method excites you as much as it does me! The options are limitless and it has the potential to have an ongoing boost to your bottom line.

If you are looking for more shoestring budget marketing ideas, I created this “43 Low Cost Ways to Get Your Biz Out There” cheat sheet and you can check it out simply by clicking the button below:

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Ash x

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