18 Perth Biz Babes You Need to Know About

This article is an ode to the members who have been with Fusion Biz Babes since day one – exactly ONE year ago!  They have stuck around through the pivots & changes the membership has gone through, to get to the epic place it is in today – a FUN support and motivational network for Perth’s high-vibe entrepreneurs and leaders.

The Fusion Membership turned ONE on 25th March 2018. Happy birthday to us!

In the past year many lifelong friendships, and amazing collaborations have been formed in the membership 👯

We have celebrated countless WINS together, VENTED about our challenging days, attended many EVENTS together, and shared countless LAUGHS over litres of COFFEE and WINE.

We now have over 80 members, and have a strong growth strategy, whilst continuing to celebrate our current members, and hold authenticity, genuine friendships, and making networking FUN as top priority.

Ok, now on to the good stuff! Get ready for some serious inspo! 👇

Jess McCallum – Confident Life

In the past year, in our members facebook group there has been A LOT of talk about having the confidence to put yourself out there.  And Jess has the tools we need!  Her business, Confident Life, is a place where people can go to feel empowered, receive knowledge and support regarding relationships, self esteem, strengths, careers, values, and mental health issues, and feel a sense of community and realise that they are not alone.

Check out Jess’ facebook group The Confidence Collective

Elysia Tsangarides – Maple & Wren

If you love flowers (who doesn’t), you will LOVE Elysia’s work!  I love it so much I asked her to do my wedding flowers…and she did not disappoint! ☝🏻 That’s me and my girls on my big day in Dec 2017.  Elysia specialises in stylish florals and also creates seamless events with her event planning, management and styling side of her business.

Check out some more of Elysia’s work here.

Erica Urquiaga – Baked by Erica

There is so much more to Erica’s business than just delicious, melt in your mouth cookies!  There is heart, hustle, support, and not to mention a touch of awesome shamelessness!  Fusion Biz Babes partnered with Erica to raise funds for the families affected by the December floods in The Philippines at the Lisa Messenger event.

Thanks also to Erica for the token cookie supplier for the Fusion events!

We did a case study on Erica and her business mindset transformation from negative nancy to “I got this” – you can read it here, and stock up on the BEST cookies you will ever taste here.

Diana Todd – Balance Tax Accountants

You know one of those businesses that seemingly skyrocket out of nowhere – well that’s Super Diana from Balance Tax!  Except it hasn’t been out of nowhere.  Her pure hustle, grit, determination, hours of work has seen her catapult to be the GO TO Accountant for small business in Perth over the past 12 months.

She has also barely missed a Fusion member event, and is always full of smiles, kind words and support.  And is my trusted Accountant, where no question is too silly.  Thank you Diana!

It’s coming up to end of financial year – book your appointment with Diana here.

Jessie Parker – Borne Too

If you want a laugh… Jessie is your girl!  Oh, and if you’re a new mummy and looking for comfy + stylish breastfeeding wear – she is also your girl.  Jessie owns and runs Borne Too – simple, stylish and practical maternity clothing for new mothers.  I love having Jessie at the Fusion events as there is never a dry eye (due to her hilarious jokes) and she adds so much depth to the conversation with her business experiences.

New mummies check out Jessie’s stylish breastfeeding wear here.

Jacqui Lamplugh – Jacqui Lamplugh

Jacqui is a naturopath, lecturer, speaker and a women’s health and natural fertility expert with a passion for helping women balance their hormones naturally.  She is also a new mummy, so she clearly walks her talk.

Jacqui actually spoke at one of my VERY FIRST events – even before Fusion Biz Babes existed, when I was running lifestyle events under the name Fusion Life Perth.  She also happens to be one of the nicest people I know, and we shared our high school years together so I have known her since we were 14!  We are so similar in many ways, and I have always looked up to Jac.

Check out some of Jacqui’s yummy healthy recipes here and you can book a Skype appointment here.

Lanna Hill – One Small Step Business Coaching

Lanna has been along for the ride with Fusion Biz Babes, since not only the beginning of the membership, but since the beginning of our events!  She was our very first guest speaker at our signature keynote events, and to keep the tradition going I also asked her to host the very first Masterclass for The Fusion Membership when it launched a year ago.  Since then we have shared many other “pinch me” moments, including joining me on stage at the Lisa Messenger event, and the interviews for Raw Ambition!  Thanks Lanna for all your support of Fusion!

Need some direction in your biz?  Check out Lanna’s business coaching packages here.

Vanessa Geraghty McGann – Vivacity Marketing

I always say Vanessa is Fusions #1 cheerleader!  She is always getting involved in the facebook group and providing her advice on all things business and marketing, she very rarely misses an event, and is always the first to congratulate members on a win.

After taking over and rebranding her marketing business, Vivacity Marketing, only 8 months ago, she has tripled the business revenue and matched her corporate salary!  How?  Vanessa credits a big part of her success with getting out there in her community, attending events, meeting people, adding value and building real friendships.  After all, people do business with people they know, like and trust!

We did a case study on Vanessa and her business success, you can read it here, and if you’re looking for more of a direction with your small business marketing, check out her unique marketing coaching packages here.

Annabelle Revie – Project You

Annabelle’s journey over the past 12 months has been EPIC, and an absolute pleasure to watch.  Her brand new lifestyle coaching business launched a few weeks ago and we have been lucky to follow along for the ride and see her launch as a huge success.  Every single post Annabelle writes is full of absolute love and heart – you can tell she genuinely wants to help us all live our best possible lives.

Do yourself a favour, and read Annabelle’s story here – get ready to be inspired!  And follow her gorgeous insta here.

Gillian Corker – I Do Wedding Deals

Gillian describes her business, I Do Wedding Deals, as Scoopon for weddings!  I scored some light up love letters for my big day at a big discount thanks to Gillian’s biz.  And I know she has some exciting new business ventures in the pipeline.  I love being around people with lots of passion, and big ideas – and Gillian has this in spades!

If your wedding is coming up, check out the deals here to save some $$ on your big day #winning!

Sam Fake – White Rapture

The most organised biz babe I know!  Not to mention supportive, friendly, calming & lovely.  We are so lucky to have Sam as a biz babe original!  White Rapture serves couples who have booked their perfect Perth venue, & are now looking for answers to the question,“So what next?… . Everything Sam offers is designed to help Brides kickstart their wedding celebrations with ease & joy.  She also has some exciting offshoots for her biz in the works which suit her personality to a tee.

Check out how Sam can help on your big day here.

Lauren Williams – Miss Willow Designs

Lauren is our resident handmade ceramics artist! Every piece is carefully handcrafted with the end user in mind, to ensure every purchase becomes cherished and treasured.  I love chatting with Lauren about her biz + life goals as the love she has for her work really shines through, and it is so inspiring.

Lauren takes immense care with every one of her pieces, and is now getting stocked in some brilliant shops around Perth!  You can shop her collection here – check out the foam platter series! 👌🏻

Melinda McQueen – Studio McQueen

I love Melinda’s business concept – a fusion of sustainability and gorgeous home design.  Her passion lies in renovating and designing beautiful and sustainable homes that improve the health of her clients and also the planet.  Chatting to Melinda about all things life and business at the Fusion events have made me truly respect not only her business journey, but also her motherhood journey.

Check out some of Melinda’s gorgeous designs here.

Amy Elliss – In Mortgage & Finance Services

Need a loan!?  Amy has helped many business owners (including some fellow biz babe members) with securing finance for business, and homes.  I admire Amy’s success in a male dominated field, and have loved watching her biz go from strength to strength since meeting at the very first Fusion member catch up.

Find out more about how Amy can help you here.

Kristi Cswaykus – Rodan + Fields

I love hearing Kristi speak about her R&F Business, as she genuinely believes in the product and her passion is so clear.  She is a true example of how network marketing should be done, and her results show that!  Kristi is such a welcome addition at our Fusion events and her stories of business success and motherhood are an inspiration to everyone at the table.

You can check out Kristi’s products here.

JB Muscat – Little pink typewriter

Every biz group needs a quirky copywriter!  And JB is certainly that for Fusion Biz Babes!  Right off the bat, JB has been getting busy in the group – posting, supporting others, delighting us with her magic words.  We have watched her build her biz to a point where she could quit her day job, and go all in.  I love seeing people go after their dreams with blind ambition and that is JB.  Even if she has confused us with her million nicknames! 😉

Check out how JB can help you and your biz with words here.

Katie Gregory – The Handcrafted Collective

Katie’s business is much like Fusion Biz Babes – supporting women to do their thing!  Katie supports Australian Handcrafted businesses and suppliers all in one place, and after just giving birth to her FOURTH baby, she is the epitome of Supermum. The Handcrafted Collective is for sewers, knitters, crocheters and crafters to showcase their wares to the very people who are looking for them, whilst building a platform to further grow businesses.

If you’re a hand-crafter, check out how Katie can help you grow here.

Jasmine Body – Jasmine Creative

Jasmine is one busy lady!  She offers branding, graphic design and photography packages for her clients to get them on the path to biz success.  She has also photographed a few Fusion events, and wrote a brilliant article on branding here.  Jasmine’s business has evolved in the past 12 months into a powerhouse in the Perth branding space.

Check out how Jasmine can help your biz grow here.

Are you ready to join these powerhouse babes and many others in The Fusion Membership?

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