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Get intentional about creating deeper connections & authentic business relationships to support your vision

WA’s Leading Networking Community for Women

Get intentional about creating deeper connections & authentic business relationships to support your vision

Welcome To

Fusion Biz Co

Fusion was established in 2016 after Founder, Ashley Matković, felt disillusioned with the local business networking scene.

She also had a deep knowing that connecting with like-minded women was the catalyst to success. Ash had a vision to create a welcoming and fun experience for driven women to meet and form friendships.

She wanted to create space to talk about real issues. To share wins with people who understand the pure grit it takes to run a small business.

We’ve raised over $15k for a range of women’s charities, such as The Esther Foundation, Dress for Success, Share the Dignity, Happiness Co and Red Cross.

Because empowered women, empower women.

And we’re only just getting started.

Come join the family, and ride the waves of entrepreneurship alongside people who get it.

A Business Network Built On Real Friendships and Meaningful Convos

Fusion Fam

Dip your toes into networking, without the commitment of a subscription. Expand your network and get visible by plugging into a ready made community of hundreds of WA female entrepreneurs.

$129 + GST (One-Time Payment)

No ongoing membership fees!

Fusion VIP

An elevated membership experience designed to LEVEL UP your circle of influence, and light a fire under your biz through the power of connection! Through regular in-person events in Perth.

$89 + GST Per Month

Cancel anytime, plus money back guarantee!

Introducing The Fusion Fam

We are high-vibe female entrepreneurs and we:

  • Meet at in-person events and enjoy facilitated deeper conversations which foster real connections
  • Get to see world class keynote speakers LIVE onstage (past speakers include Lorna Jane and Lisa Messenger!)
  • Stay inspired by hearing others’ entreprenuerial joureys in the Biz Secrets Exposed interview series
  • Build strong relationships (that turn into friendships) through a mix of online and in-person interaction

If You Have A Relentless Desire For SUCCESS

Then welcome home, you’ve found your people

Fusion was created to encourage women, just like you, to unapologetically build a life around their ambition, and play by their own rules.

We know that your life is a little different to the “norm” – and to go further, faster, you need a community of women around you that not only accept that, they encourage it.

Fusion creates connection and opportunity by bringing women together in a FUN, safe and welcoming space, to build relationships and share experiences.

It is the one place you can unapologetically chase your dream lifestyle with both vulnerability and confidence.

Let’s blaze a path, and show them YOU CAN.

With the right people around you, anything is possible…

Yes, even that dream that’s sitting on your heart waiting to be unleashed.

Why Choose Us


Events Hosted

New Friendships Created



LEVEL UP your biz, your mindset, and your LIFE

  • Get KNOWN and RESPECTED in your industry, and the small biz scene
  • Collaborate with other high-performing biz owners
  • Have more REAL deep soul conversations
  • Be part of a MOVEMENT of change makers
  • Belong to a new FRIEND group full of high-vibe women
  • Feel truly CELEBRATED when you have a WIN
  • Build your NETWORK and NET-WORTH $$ fast
  • Get Inspiration and ideas ON TAP

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3 X Benefits/ Of JOINING
Fusion BIZ CO

Lifelong Friendships +

Starting a business can be a lonely venture, you’re outgrowing your current friends but haven’t quite found your new circle.  Intentionally putting yourself in the room with visionary women who are also chasing their dreams, where you’re encouraged to leave your best self at the door and bring your real self to the table, is the catalyst to forming unbreakable friendship bonds.  Level up your circle of influence today, and watch as every area of your life skyrockets!

Boom your Business +

People buy from people they know, like and trust.  Plug into our ready-made network of hundreds of change-making women and fast track your visibility and business growth. Your business will flourish in the most unexpected of ways.  We encourage the sharing of referrals, contacts, ideas, collaborations, perspectives and offers. Join us today and start growing on auto tomorrow!

Stay the Course +

When launching a business, having a community of like-minded women who can empathize and relate on a personal level is crucial for navigating the inevitable challenges.  Without it, you run the risk of giving up on your dream, and babe, you are WORTHY of achieving that vision on your heart.  Let us hold you on the “oh sh*t” days, and pop bottles with you on the “oh YEAH” days!

Upcoming Fusion Events

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