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Fusion Biz Co Perth Networking Women reach over 200

Do you feel like “networking” is totally not your jam.

But you want to be around others who know what it’s like to run a biz?

Stick around if this sounds like you:

👉🏼 You’re the most ambitious person in your circle
👉🏼 You’ve never really fit in, or found your people
👉🏼 You’ve been spinning your wheels trying to grow your biz on Insta (aka: the slow way)
👉🏼 Your inner b*tch is holding you back
👉🏼 You have no outlet to vent your stress & overwhelm
👉🏼 Traditional networking events aren’t really your thing
👉🏼 Small talk is your idea of torture

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Perth Women in Business Event
Small Business Networking Perth

If you have a relentless desire for SUCCESS

Then welcome home, you’ve found your people

Fusion was created to encourage women, just like you, to unapologetically build a life around their ambition, and play by their own rules.

We know that your life is a little different to the “norm” – and to go further, faster, you need a community of women around you that not only accept that, they encourage it.

Fusion creates connection and opportunity by bringing women together in a FUN, safe and welcoming space, to build relationships and share experiences.

It is the one place you can unapologetically chase your dream lifestyle with both vulnerability and confidence.

Let’s blaze a path, and show them YOU CAN.

With the right people around you, anything is possible…

Yes, even that dream that’s sitting on your heart waiting to be unleashed.

Get ready to

👉🏼 LEVEL UP your biz, your mindset, and your LIFE
👉🏼 Get KNOWN and RESPECTED in your industry, and the small biz scene
👉🏼 Collaborate with other high-performing biz owners
👉🏼 Have more REAL deep soul conversations
👉🏼 Be part of a MOVEMENT of change makers
👉🏼 Belong to a new FRIEND group full of high-vibe women
👉🏼 Feel truly CELEBRATED when you have a WIN
👉🏼 Build your NETWORK and NET-WORTH $$ fast
👉🏼 Get Inspiration and ideas ON TAP


The Fusion Membership

 We are high-vibe female entrepreneurs (the Fusion fam) and we:

👉🏼 Meet at monthly events and enjoy facilitated deeper conversations which foster real connections
👉🏼 Get to see world class keynote speakers LIVE onstage (past speakers include Lorna Jane and Lisa Messenger!)
👉🏼 Learn from leading business experts in interactive online masterclasses
👉🏼 Build strong relationships (that turn into friendships) through a mix of online and in-person interaction

Fusion Biz Co founder Ash Matkovic talks to The West Australian about women networking Perth

Article in The West Australian: Saturday July 25, 2020

“Two WA women are putting local businesses on the map, taking networking to a whole new level by connecting thousands of business owners through their rapidly growing business communities.

Ashley Matkovic, who has more than 260 WA female business owner members in her network Fusion Biz Co, as well as a reach of thousands through social media channels, said it was now the ‘age of the entrepreneurial woman.’

“With coronavirus, and with more women put out of work than men, it’s becoming really clear that perhaps the 9 to 5 jobs aren’t as safe anymore,” she said.

Ms Matkovic said the power and benefits that came from being part of a growing business community were ‘immeasurable.’

“The real difference with Fusion is the friendships and genuine relationships that are built. Business comes from being part of a network like this, your business is going to grow because people buy from people they know, like and trust.”



Perth, WA