Belong to Perth’s leading community of POWERHOUSE female entrepreneurs

Get around the right people so you can RISE to the next level

Do you feel like

👉🏼 You’re the most ambitious person in your circle
👉🏼 You’ve never really fit in, or found your people
👉🏼 You’ve been spinning your wheels trying to grow your biz on Insta (aka: the slow way)
👉🏼 Your inner b*tch is holding you back
👉🏼 You have no outlet to vent your stress & overwhelm
👉🏼 Traditional networking events aren’t really your thing
👉🏼 Small talk is your idea of torture

If you have a relentless desire for SUCCESS

Then welcome home, you’ve found your people

Fusion was created to encourage women, just like you, to unapologetically build a life around their ambition, and play by their own rules.

We know that your life is a little different to the “norm” – and to go further, faster, you need a community of women around you that not only accept that, they encourage it.

Fusion creates connection and opportunity by bringing women together in a FUN, safe and welcoming space, to build relationships and share experiences.

It is the one place you can unapologetically chase your dream lifestyle with both vulnerability and confidence.

Let’s blaze a path, and show them YOU CAN.

With the right people around you, anything is possible…

Yes, even that dream that’s sitting on your heart waiting to be unleashed.

Get ready to

👉🏼 LEVEL UP your biz, your mindset, and your LIFE
👉🏼 Get KNOWN and RESPECTED in your industry, and the small biz scene
👉🏼 Collaborate with other high-performing biz owners
👉🏼 Have more REAL deep soul conversations
👉🏼 Be part of a MOVEMENT of change makers
👉🏼 Belong to a new FRIEND group full of high-vibe women
👉🏼 Feel truly CELEBRATED when you have a WIN
👉🏼 Build your NETWORK and NET-WORTH $$ fast
👉🏼 Get Inspiration and ideas ON TAP


The Fusion Membership

 We are 200+ high-vibe female entrepreneurs (the Fusion fam) and we:

👉🏼 Meet at monthly events and enjoy facilitated deeper conversations which foster real connections
👉🏼 Get to see world class keynote speakers LIVE onstage (past speakers include Lorna Jane and Lisa Messenger!)
👉🏼 Learn from leading business experts in interactive online coffee pod masterclasses
👉🏼 Build strong relationships (that turn into friendships) through a mix of online and in-person interaction